Check out that bad boy of a scotch egg!

Aloo Scotch egg Ethos Restaurant
My scotch egg was more ball shape than egg but at least I know it was mine when they were cooked and served

This must be what’s it’s like to be a father – I made that. I feel oddly proud.

I can’t take all of the credit. It must have been Ethos head chef Guilherme Pina’s brilliant guidance at this scotch egg masterclass. If my day job doesn’t work out…

The Aloo Scotch Egg by Ethos seems to have made a wee name for itself, just look at the hype on Twitter. And it is worth the hype.

Fresh from the kitchen, my Aloo Scotch Egg was perfectly cooked. Crispy on the outside, runny yolk in the middle. Guilherme told us the secret to a perfectly boiled egg – boil a dozen eggs for precisely 5 minutes 20 seconds. The quantity of eggs changes the perfect timing.

Aloo scotch egg Ethos Restaurant London
The finished product

I must admit, I was slightly apprehensive about returning to the restaurant after I enjoyed my first visit and review of Ethos so much. It’s like your favourite TV show returning for a second season. Great! But what happens if it’s not as good as the first (I’m looking at you True Detective (that’s eight hours of my life I’ll never get back))? Luckily for me, I enjoyed Ethos just as much as the first time.

As someone who eats way to many burgers than good for their health, it’s refreshing to have a meat free dinner (my waistline sends its thanks too). It can be hard to eat out in London and choose to eat healthy I’ve found. But meat free doesn’t have to mean just salads (I’m not a hamster or rabbit after all). Perhaps this is a perception common to all non vegetarians?

Take cauliflower for example. I’ve never been a fan of the white stuff and see the vegetable as a poorer sibling to broccoli. Ethos’ Roasted Cauliflower transforms this once tasteless and bland vegetable with an inventive combination of Tahini Dressing and Cranberries.

Roasted cauliflower Ethos Restaurant London
Cauliflower doesn’t have to be boring – Roasted cauliflower with Tahini Dressing and Cranberries

Just read Ethos’ menu and you’ll find a number of interesting food combinations with a distinctive world twist. Those with special dietary requirements are well catered for as many of the dishes are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Macaroni cheese bite Ethos Restaurant
*rubs eyes. Macaroni cheese bites! Am I seeing things?

Another unique dish on offer which I loved were the Macaroni Cheese Bites. A particular comfort food favourite of mine packaged into a mouth-sized ball of goodness. The buffet-style self service is great because you can pick and choose anything that you fancy. As you can see I took full advantage of this…

Paella Ethos restaurant London
Got a little carried away by piling a little bit of every dish available…

Sorry for the messy plate, I really should have considered presentation more, but I kept piling on more food as I walked around the dishes! ‘Oooh I’ll just have a little bit of this. Oooh that looks good too!’. Like a kid in a sweet shop.


Pumpkin cheddar fritters Ethos Restaurant LondonZucchini cheddar cakes Ethos Restaurant London Cucumber courgette salad

Dessert will always be my favourite part of the course and at Ethos this is no exception. Just look at how pretty the dessert table is displayed – don’t you just want to eat all of it? Hard believe many are healthy alternatives and vegan, gluten free and sugarfree.



Large muffins Ethos Restaurant London Chocolate cake Ethos Restaurant London Baked cheesecake Ethos Restaurant London Carrot cake Ethos Restaurant LondonCherry chocolate kugelhof Ethos Restaurant London Banana bread Ethos Restaurant London



Much like the main course we had a little bit of everything. It was like an all star cast. Think Pulp Fiction.

Desserts Ethos Restaurant London
I played nice and shared this with the rest of the table

If you held a gun to my head and asked me to pick one (why this decision would cause such a violent act I don’t know) it would have to be the brownies – even if you’re not a dessert person (you will be after trying Ethos’). Nothing worse than a dry brownie that’s difficult to swallow, Ethos’ are oh so wonderfully moist (I know people hate using this word but there are no other words to describe the texture) on the inside yet still have that cakey texture on the outside.

And I’ve declared my love for Peanut Butter Bombs before and am still in love with them. Better and more socially acceptable than peanut butter fingers I think you’ll agree…

I’ve also raved about the Cleanse Juice (Kiwi, Pear and Apple) being one of my favourite drinks ever. I had the pleasure of trying another of Ethos’ fresh juices, this time carrot, ginger and apple. Wow. It certainly woke my taste buds up, that ginger is zingy! I also had dairy free coconut chocolate milk drink which too was delicious (much better than the nasty Nesquik powder stuff I used be addicted to as a child).

Ethos are also open for breakfast and brunch with eggs made to order and porridges with fruit toppings – an excellent way to kick start your day – while afternoon tea and takeaways are available too.

Unsatisfied with the choice of vegetarian high street eats, founder of Ethos, Jessica Kruger, set out to create a meat free restaurant to fill this need with something deliciously different. If it can turn this caveman into thinking meat isn’t always a necessity, I think it’s safe to say she’s succeeded.

Ethos, East Hardcastle, London

Open seven days a week and just off Oxford Street on Eastcastle Street, Ethos is perfect after a long day of shopping. The closest underground stations are Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road.


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