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Earth angel, earth angel, will you be mine?

Hi. I’m Tim and I’m a hopeless romantic.

Favourite song of October

October’s music playlist has been dominated by one song – a cover version of Earth Angel by Death Cab For Cutie.

Maybe it was the chat that peppered my Twitter feed around Back To The Future day on the 21st of October that caused Earth Angel to pop into my head one day at my work desk. I was looking for the original version.

But then I saw Death Cab For Cutie had made a cover! I like Earth Angel. I like Death Cab. Combine the two together…

Three straight days of it on repeat made me feel very emosh.

A while back I decided I would propose (if I ever get to that stage) by singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, you know, a la 10 Things I Hate About You?

But now I’ve decided I’m going to propose by singing Earth Angel.


Any who…

New Songs of October

Modern Baseball can do no wrong! Their latest release is in the form of an EP, MOBO Presents: The Perfect Cast featuring Modern Baseball, while we wait for LP3, Swing For The Fences. I love that they kept the false start in …And Beyond.

Modern Baseball announced two UK shows for 2016! I’ve seen them play The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch (a tiny attic room of a pub) and the larger Dome in Tufnell Park. And they’re continuing their meteoric rise by playing the Electric Ballroom in Camden on 25th February. I’ve of course bought my ticket, see you there!

I haven’t really listened to Matt Nathanson‘s latest album, Show Me Your Fangs, but one song did make me press repeat. Gold In The Summertime is just a feel good pop anthem (a shame it’s Autumn and gloomy now).

New finds of October

I recently discovered Radiator Hospital. I think I was more intrigued by their name as anything else. Whatever the reason I decided to listen to them, I’m glad I did. They have two LPs out , Torch Song and Something Wild, both of which are great and I picked up both of them at the gig in Brighton last night. Some songs are punk rock (Our Song), some are indie pop (Cut Your Bangs), some are heart-wrenching love songs (Fireworks (The Reprise)), all of which I adore.

I love Into It. Over It. I’ve just bought the split with Owen (even though I’ve yet to buy a record player…). It features Owen covering IIOI’s Anchor. It’s a fast past punk rock take on the original which I hadn’t heard of, but I love it also. The slower tempo just gives the lyrics a different meaning.

Chris Farren released a Christmas EP split with Into It. Over It. He’s also in a band called Fake Problems. It’s a good time to get into them as Fake Problems have just released a couple of new tracks. The last release of material was five years ago. I love the intro to Soulless and the fact it makes me want to dance.

The only song of George Harrison‘s I knew was My Sweet Lord. But a friend mentioned he has other good songs. Got My Mind Set On You is a new favourite oldie. Again, it makes me want to dance.

Old songs of October

I’ve been listening to Gatsby’s American Dream again. Their cover of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven is my all time favourite cover song. But I’ve been digging a little deeper into their back catalogue after listening to a new podcast by Casey Bates who produced Gatsby’s debut LP, Theatre, and uncovers some interesting facts about the process and songs with guest Bobby Darling of the band (it’s worth listening even if it’s over an hour long). But it’s their debut EP, In The Land Of Lost Monsters which reminded me why I like them. Badlands has so many great parts and layers to it.

A Crowded House song came on in the pub. Weather With You might be their most well known song, but definitely not their best in my opinion. Fall At Your Feet and Don’t Dream It’s Over are better.

Proper by Into It. Over It is one of my favourite albums. I’m always finding new favourite songs on it with every listen. I still can’t work out the meaning or story behind The Frames That Used To Greet Me. Are frames a reference to glasses? I love the song not just lyrically, but the intricate trademark IIOI guitar plucking too.

What’s your favourite song on the playlist? What did you listen to in October? Tell me in the comments section below!

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