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Make dining the main event of your night with Tabl’s unique dining experiences in London.

Tabl unique dinner events London social dinner parties with a difference pop-up and secret supper clubs

I love eating out.

Not just for the food, but for the social side too. Going out with friends usually entails watching a show (be it gig, cinema or theatre) where you don’t talk, or a noisy bar WHERE I CAN’T HEAR A WORD THE OTHER PERSON IS SAYING BECAUSE OF THE LOUD MUSIC, but I still nod and laugh along to be polite anyway.

Conversation and food – I can’t think of any better way to spend an evening.

A London food website called Tabl recently got in touch to invite me to experience their unique dining proposition. Small, ticketed dinner parties which focus on creative menus and socialising.

Tabl events have a certain exclusivity, such as the Secret Supper Clubs. You can’t just walk off the street, come in and dine. Exact locations are only revealed to those who have tickets. Heck, some events are pop-ups, taking place in locations rented for the night or even the hosts private residence, adding to the unique dining experience.

Purchasing tickets makes dining out an event. Much like having tickets for the theatre or a gig. And why shouldn’t it be? Dining is generally the warm up to a night out, but Tabl’s pop-up kitchens and Secret Supper Clubs makes eating and socialising the main event. And as a foodie, I love the idea.

Events vary widely with many cuisines from around the world and locations around London (Tabl also have events in Brighton and Sussex). Ticket prices are pretty good value for money, around the £25-35 mark for 4-5 courses. Some events are BYOB too.

Tabl isn’t only for guests either. If you can cook or just love to be hostess with the mostess, you can sign up as a host, create and organise your event via Tabl’s platform. I’ll stick to what I do best I think, eating.

I had the pleasure of attending a MATANGO Supper Club, hosted by Carine (who was also the chef). Having grown up in Africa before moving to France, Ireland and now London, Carine spoke a little about her menu and bringing those varying influences, styles and flavours together. I think this is a lovely touch as it gives the menu a personality, not to mention a face!

  • Welcome nibbles to dip in a hot sauce.
  • Farm hand-picked fresh greens tossed in a fruity vinaigrette
  •  Whole grilled fish to share
  • 1/4 of a juicy chicken to work on served with sweet potatoes fries.
  • Warm pineapple tossed in twisted syrup.

My highlights were the fruity vinaigrette (salads don’t have to be boring, rejoice!), the 1/4 chicken (which really was juicy, the chicken fell off the bone) and the welcome nibbles (a sort of banana fritter to dip into Carine’s new and exclusive range of homemade sauces).

Yet to be named, diners were set the fun task of naming the sauces. I’m pathetic at these things (I named the green sauce Hulk or Jolly Green Giant (think of the copyright issues!) and the spicy chilli sauce ‘Ow, my tongue!). Still, better than some of the names they come up with on The Apprentice.

Apologies for the lack of photos in this blog post. My ruddy Nokia phone (42mp camera) is getting fixed and my temporary phone (cost me £25!) only has a 2mp camera with no flash (so many regrets). But you can check out fellow foodie blogger Naomi Loo’s blog post of the night which has photos of the delicious dishes – and another of yours truly pulling a funny face as usual…

Seriously, if I ever go missing, all my family have to select from are photos where I’m making funny faces or striking Blue Steel. On a side note, the Zoolander 2 trailer looks awful – leave the legacy alone, man!

Aaaaaaaaanywho, if you’re a foodie in London, you should definitely check out Tabl and try one of their events yourself.

TCLondon Food ReviewsMake dining the main event of your night with Tabl's unique dining experiences in London. I love eating out. Not just for the food, but for the social side too. Going out with friends usually entails watching a show (be it gig, cinema or theatre) where you don't talk, or a noisy...A travel blog featuring interviews and guest posts about destinations around the world. Why not have your say and write for us?