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10 Couples Who Quit the Rat Race and Started Travelling the World – Infographic

Many people dream of traveling around the world, adventuring into new places, meeting people and having  great experiences.

While some just dream about traveling around the world, there are those who simply make it happen. And there’s no limit to the far-flung places they choose to call home on any given day.

Some of these dreamers  get stuck in the rat race of a 9-5 job regretting “I wish I traveled”. For someone who is stuck in the rat race the decision to travel the world might not be easy but go ahead and DO IT anyway and you will be happy that it is one of the best decisions you made in your life.  This world needs Do’ers not just Dreamers.

“Do or Do Not, there is not Try” – Yoda

Here are 10 couples who said F*** the 9-5 job, quit the rat race and started traveling the world.

Couples who quit the job rat race

Couples who quit the job rat race

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