10 Of The Worst Bands & Artists Of All Time According To Stand By Your Band

Stand By Your Band is a comedy music podcast which invites comedians to defend a band with a six song playlist.

Think Coldplay, Nickelback and Creed.

The hosts, Tom Thakkar (The Wolf of Dog Street) and Tommy McNamara (Prince of Snarkness) score the playlist out of six. So, who are the worst bands in Stand By Your Band History?

Marilyn Manson – Score: 2

311 – Score: 2.1

Limp Bizkit – Score: 2

Slipknot – Score: 0.8

3 Doors Down – Score: 1.8

Black Eyes Peas – Score: 1.5

Rob Zombie – Score: 1.9

Hannah Montana – Score: 2.1

Cherry Poppin Daddies – Score: 1.5

John Mayer – Score: 2.4

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