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Stand By Your Band’s 20 Worst Bands & Artists Of All Time

Stand By Your Band is a comedy music podcast which invites comedians to defend a band with a six song playlist (listen to my 6 favourite Stand By Your Band episodes).

Think Coldplay. Nickelback. Creed… Or Jared’s Mount Rushmore of worst bands: 311, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Barenaked Ladies.

The hosts, Tom Thakkar (The Wolf of Dog Street) and Tommy McNamara (Prince of Snarkness) score the playlist out of six. There have been a lot of controversial moments in Stand By Your Band history like Tommy rating Hilary Duff 6 out of 6, trying to impress actor from School of Rock fame, Bryan Faldutto…

So, who are the worst bands in Stand By Your Band History (a.k.a Recine’s Ravine?). Important to note, there was no score given to what Tom suggests is the worst episode ever, Yellowcard with Ahri Findling, but this would probably be top of the list. Here’s Tommy’s review:

“I still think Ocean Avenue is a great song and I realise by only knowing that song I was doing myself a favour. Every other song sucks and you must have been a loser in high school”.

Click here to jump down to all the scores the boys have given over 5 years!

Justin Bieber – Score: 2.8

Tom – 3.5

Tommy – 2

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Score: 2.8

Tom – 3. “What’s funny is on the last podcast I docked a point because of Chris Brown’s actions and that’s still more than this”.

Tommy – 2.5

Asher Roth – Score: 2.8

Tom – 3.5

Tommy – 2. “I don’t think he sucks. I like some of the beats, but it just made me want to listen to other rappers the whole time”.

Matisyahu – Score: 2.6

Tom – 4.25

Tommy – 1

Amy Grant – Score: 2.5

Tom – 2

Tommy – 3. For the Father, Son and the holy spirit. To give her a six would be to give her the number of the beast and I would never do that to Amy Grant”.

John Mayer – Score: 2.4

Tom – 3.75

Tommy – 1. “Okay, here’s the thing, thinking and talking about John Mayer makes me feel like the bagel boss guy. Every time I think about him I’m bitter and jealous and I don’t like him and can’t shake it and I am a hater and as I have said seventeen times on this podcast I admit he’s very talented guy who’s sucks, everything he does sucks and he’s very hot, I get it”. The important thing about this whole diatribe, I’m self aware and nothing you could say if you’re mad about this podcast would be right, so anyway 1 out of 6, goodnight”.

Insane Clown Posse- Score: 2.4

Tom – 3.75. “I would be happy to never hear the song great Malenkio again.”

Tommy – 1. “so here’s the problem, I’ve been set up to look like such an asshole… Reading the stuff I read today about the community aspect and I read this Vice article about all these couples who met and Gathering the Juggalos and fell in love and it’s like truly heartwarming 1 out of 6.”

Imagine Dragon – Score: 2.3

Tom – 2. “They suffer from overplay”

Tommy – 2. “It’s so formulaic”

Kid Rock – Score: 2.3

Tom – 2.5

Tommy – 2

311 – Score: 2.1

Tom – 3.2

Tommy – 1. “Keep in mind all the things we said we judge the band not the guy, you know I think you’re a great man, a very funny man and I’m gonna give them a 1 out of 6. So I gave Limp Bizkit a 2 and giving them a 1 because Limp Bizkit you listen to them when you’re angry and pissed off. This I can’t think of any scenario I would listen to it”.

Hannah Montana – Score: 2.1

Tom – 2.25.

Tommy – 2

Fergie – Score: 2.1

Tom – 2.75. I’m really fucking pissed you didn’t put Big Girls Don’t Cry… My Humps I hate the term “lady lumps”.

Tommy – 1.5. Thank you for doing the show. Kendal, you are so funny I’m really happy you came on, 1.5. I really don’t like any of these songs in retrospect”

Marilyn Manson – Score: 2

Tom – 2. “…I’m scared of it, it creeps me out. I can’t handle the way he sings, it makes me very uncomfortable and scared… I’m not a religious man necessarily but I think deep down part of us all still thinks the devil’s can get us and Marilyn reminds me of that”.

Tommy – 2.

Limp Bizkit – Score: 2

This episode got controversial…

Tom –

Tommy – 2. “I think Limp Bizkit sucks and I haven’t been saying it cause I didn’t want Mike to yell at me… A lot of it is just dogshit”.

Rob Zombie – Score: 1.9

Tom – 1.75

Tommy – 2

3 Doors Down – Score: 1.8

Tom – 1.75

Tommy – 1.75 (year of generosity). “They are so boring and they are nothing to me… On the whole I just didn’t enjoy listening to it at all… you know what they say Tom, the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference, and I feel indifference towards this bad”

Black Eyed Peas – Score: 1.5

Tom – “I think Pump it sucks… re caple of making something something listenable and they chose to make this”

Tommy – 1

Cherry Poppin Daddies – Score: 1.5

Tom – 1

Tommy – 1.998. “This is the most 1998 shit I’ve ever heard”

Slipknot – Score: 0.8

Tom – 1.5. “I think this is devil music and giving it anything more would upset the Lord”

Tommy – 0. “I think this band does not deserve a number, I think they are zero and I think they are filth. But because it’s my year of generosity I’m still giving them a zero, because I think they would like it”

Art Garfunkel – Score: 0.5

Tom – 1. “It just goes to show how much more talented Paul Simon is… this is just trash you’ve forced us to listen to”

Tommy – 0. “I will never listen to one of his songs again in my entire life and I’d be fine with it. I will die happy knowing I never gave Art Garfunkel another chance”.

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See all the scores the boys have given over 5 years!

BandTomTommyAVG ScoreNotes
Matchbox Twenty4.554.8
YellowcardNo score!
Steely Dan4.93.74.3
Marilyn Manson222
Bob Segar5.14.54.8
Red Hot Chili Peppers6.866.4Out of 7
Limp Bizkit4.523.3
Barenaked Ladies433.5
Paris Hilton/Ashlee Simpson1/
1.7Out of 4
Soulja Boy43.53.8
Counting Crows5.565.8
They Might Be Giants4.7554.9
Coldplay6Tommy not present
Tony Keith333
Umphrees Mcgee43.53.8
Maroon 54.623.3
Foo Fighters4.84.754.8
Hilary Duff2.564.3
Third Eye Blind5.534.3
Good Charlotte2.7532.9
Kid Rock2.522.3
The Killers4.544.3
Sublime Live3.864.9
Vampire Weekend5.94.35.1
Justin Bieber3.522.8
Mighty Mighty Bosstones32.52.8
Fall Out Boy4. Year of generosity
Kings Of Leon2.93.130.1 Year of generosity
Panic At The Disco3.94.64.3
Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame2.753.2530. 25 year of generosity
Creed43.253.60. 25 year of generosity
Blues Traveler2.753.2530. 25 year of generosity
Garth Brooks54.754.90. 25 year of generosity
Slipknot1.500.8Year of generosity, still have a zero as they would like that
Taylor Swift (Anniversary)3.664.80. 15 year of generosity
Reggae Covers352630.5Out of 40 (inches dick hardness)
Billy Joel56.255.60. 25 year of generosity
3 Doors Down1.751.751.80. 25 year of generosity
Oasis45.54.80. 25 year of generosity
Will Smith444
Tom Waits3.533.33 puddings, year of puddings/year of jellos
Rush3.53.753.6Year of banana pudding but scored stayed the same
Black Eyed Peas211.5
Pitbull45.74.9Year of smoothies, 2 points
Taking Back Sunday4.365.2Year of smoothies, 2 points. Tom year of juice so -0. 5
Blink 182565.5Summer of wisdom, stays the same wise to choose them, year of stupidy for Tom +0. 3
Sugar Ray4.7544.4
Henry Rollins3.2533.1
TrainNo score!
Britney Spears4.9523.5
My Chemical Romance5.2555.1
Spin Doctors3.822.9
Jessica Simpson4.53.54
Rob Zombie1.7521.9Year of spookaucity, score unaffected
Chainsmokers46 out of 7 form Tim McLaughlin, no Tommy
Dave Matthews Band5.7544.9
Randy Newman555
Ja Rule4.53.54
Katy Perry3.53.63.6
The Feelers3.7533.4
The Feelers Again666
Mumford And Sons4.2544.1
Asher Roth3.522.8
Matisyahu4.2512.6Year of sangria
The Offspring3.433.2
Alkaline Trio565.5Honour our lord satin 6 out of 6 out of 6
Hannah Montana2.2522.1
Sheryl Crow4.255.254.8
Sammy Hagar5.53.754.6
Cherry Poppin Daddies11.9981.5The most 1998 shit Tommy’s ever heard
Spice Girls4.7533.9
All American Rejects5.2544.6
Summer JamsNo score!
Jack Johnson544.5
Ben Folds65.55.8
Jimmy Buffet43.53.8
John Mayer3.7512.4
Kenny Chesney454.5
It’s My Life, Jon Bon Jovi0.750.80.8Out of 1
Lindsay Lohan2.564.3
Peter Frampton4.53.54
Taylor Swift45.54.8
Lou Bega555
MC Hammer
Stan Rogers666
The Lumineers
BTS676.5Scared of the army, Tommy one for each member
Smashing Pumpkins666
Counting Crows Part 24.7565.4
Art Garfunkel100.5Out of 10
Ariana Grande5.2555.1
Alan JacksonNo score!
Humphrey Mcgee
Eve 6544.5
Ozzy Osbourne5.5666335.8
Sum 413.333.53.4
New Kids On The Block3
Smash Mouth4.554.8
Father John Misty666
Fifth Harmony4.533.8Rated out of harmonies, i.e how many band members they like
Jason Mraz3.7533.4
New Found Glory444
Dashboard Confessional4.57.86.2
Moonstruck Soundtrack6
Courtney Love/Hole5.55.255.4
Jimmy Eat World5.7555.4
Insane Clown Posse3.7512.4
Franz Ferdinand5.754.755.3
Bobby Wilson Pickett66535.5
Imagine Dragons2.522.3
Less Than Jake4.2544.1
Creed 2
Gin Blossoms55.55.3
Wrestling Album
Amy Grant232.5Tommy – father son and holy spirit
Screaming Music43.53.8
Milli Vanilli3.753.53.6
JawbreakerAppreciation episode, no score!
The Hold Steady666
Rap Sidekicks7777 songs
Jim Croce666
G Love And Special Sauce433.5
Leonard Cohen666
Misfits4.244.1In spirit of holiday
Grateful Dead4.733.9
Linkin Park5.54.55
Hall And Oates5.255.255.3
Faith No More4.253.754
Warren Zevon666
Sarah Mclaughlin4.854.9
D122.753.1523Tribute to the film the fanatic
Josie And The Pussycats4.64.754.7
Drive By Truckers
Kelly Rowland4.24.54.4
Dave Matthew Band544.5
Donde – Kanye WestNo score
Michael BubléNo score
Tom PettyAppreciation episode, no score!
Janet JacksonAppreciation episode, no score!
E Street BandAppreciation episode, no score!
Civil War Songs777
Joni MitchellAppreciation episode, no score!
Mickey Avalon433.5Tom bumped up 4.5 because they lost the first recording
Celine Dion4.554.8Taking a point off for the r Kelly song
Towne Van ZandtAppreciation episode, no score!
The Darkness4.84.64.7
Bob Dylan555
Rod Stewart4.944.5
The Doors444
The Fray433.5
The Weeknd666
Nickelback2.75Tommy didn’t rate
Tuesday Night Music ClubNo score!
Something Corporate3.554.3
Disney SongsNo score!
Vertical Horizon3.753
Conway Twitty66
Rage Against The Machine
Goo Goo Dolls4.74.71
Daft Punk
Steve Martin
Carly Rae Jepsen4.6
Loudon Wainright
Thin Lizzy
Say Anything4.256
80’s Soundtracks
Alanis Morrisette
Old 97’s

How many ways are there to listen to music?

According to Tom Thakkar, there are four ways to listen to music:

  • Working out
  • Hanging out with friends
  • By yourself
  • Traveling

And check out my lists for best comedy podcasts and best music podcasts!

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