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10 Things to Do in the Andamans!


Andamans! The mere word takes you to a world of fantasy, a wonderland! A rich blue world where crystal clear water reigns supreme, where the rays of the sun dance on the beat of the waves and the gleaming coral reefs seem to cheer happily! It is the Andaman Islands for you! Pure, Pristine, Tropical Paradise!

The Blissful world of the Andamans!

Floating blissfully in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Islands are a part of the Indian archipelago having as many as 300 Islands! The place is famous for its white sand beaches and dense tropical rainforests. Though it is a favorite destination of tourists yet it has somehow protected itself from the roving eye of the construction mafias. No wonder you can see green tropical trees all around. It is why the air is clean and healthy! And it is why you can do so many things in this mesmerizing place that you cannot even think of doing while living in the heart of a city!

The Perfect Place to Explore!

The Andaman Islands are perhaps the best place in the world to explore! It is not, certainly not like any coastal place where you can have some beach fun! No, if you wish to go swimming or have a sun bath, no need to make so much effort and fly so far! But if you want to earn an experience, a beautiful memory for a lifetime, then, my friend, put in all your efforts to reach the Andamans! For an adventure here is unlike anywhere in the world!

boat and people near dock and trees

10 Things to Do in Andamans!

The best way to enjoy the Andamans is to express yourself with your eyes and just listen! Listen to the whispering waves, the swaying of the Palm trees, or the colorful fishes calling from down under! Listen silently! At other times, let us see what all you can do to make it a unique and memorable experience –

The Wondrous View of Turtle Nesting!

Turtle Nesting is an one of the most popular Andaman tourist attractions. It is a unique experience to see the turtle nesting in the sand. During this period, you can see female turtles digging a hole or making a nest in the sand. They lay their eggs here, which can be up to 100 in number. You can get to see four exotic species of Turtles over here -The Green Turtle, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, and Leatherback. The Leatherback was in the limelight last year due to its knack of double nesting! You can see this marvellous sight in December-January at Ram Nagar Beach in the Diglipur Town of the Andamans. But remember not to make any noise, for Turtles are sensitive creatures.

A Visit to the Enigmatic Barren Islands!

Barren Island is an enigmatic island situated 135 km from Port Blair. What gives this island a mysterious glow is that it is an active Volcano! It is perhaps the only active volcano remaining in India! Though, no one lives here, but people go to watch the rare sight of a Volcano from a distance! You can get a ferry or a boat and start early in the morning to return before night! You can get to see flying foxes and black sand here. It is also a great place for scuba diving! You can visit between November to February but with prior permission of the forest department of the government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! However, the spectacular scenes linger on warming your heart forever!

The Saddle Peak National Park: The Green Paradise!

The Saddle Peak National Park! It is our next stop on the blissful terrain. Located in Diglipur town, it serves as the best escape for the ones who are burnt out, heartbroken, or just want to spend some time in solitude! With an altitude of 732 meters, Saddle Peak is the favorite of Trekking lovers. The National Park is a green paradise with flowers and birds. Here, you can give your senses the much-needed rest. Bird watchers can enjoy watching rare birds migrating from faraway lands. You can get to see Andaman Hill Myna and the Andaman Imperial Pigeon. It is open from 4 am to 5 pm.

The Coral Reefs and Water Sports!

Wow! This one is a fascinating experience! An enriching dive into the gleaming world of the coral reef! The Andamans, as we know, are the haven of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, and deep sea diving. But it is the magical coral reefs that make it an unforgettable experience! Sea walking 25 to 30 feet under the level of the sea is a spellbinding activity. You can find many Andaman tour packages in which scuba diving is included as a sport or adventure activities & you may say -“It was amazing!” but you will not be able to describe what you feel! Havelock and Cinque Islands are the best place for viewing the glamorous reefs! 

Parasailing: A refreshing Sail in the Breeze!

Yesss! This is it! Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities in the Andaman Islands! You got drenched in the love of the golden waves! Now fly high up in the air to kiss the skies! Swing in the breeze and take a light dip in the ocean! See the gigantic view of the Island from above and capture a refreshing moment forever!

Glass Bottom Boat Ride: The Marvellous Marine Life!

Glass Bottom Boat Ride is an exciting tourist attraction. We all know that Andamans is the hub of water sports and many people go there to enjoy underwater histrionics. But what about the not-so-adventurous people, how can they experience the magic flowing down under? The Glass Bottom Boat Ride gives us that experience! The Dolphin shaped boat has a glass bottom. So you can see the marine life while sitting in the boat! It is a marvellous show and a fun Andaman trip also!

A Moonlit Night-Out at the Beach!

It would give you and your lady love a memorable gift for life! You will have the shining moon as your host of the night and waves welcoming you with love! The glistening moonlight provides a soothing ambiance to the moment. Who cares about the menu? The food is not necessary. It is a night to cherish forever and make a strong bond! You can find a special gift somewhere in the sand, a shell, or even a pearl to present your lady love! She may have worn expensive jewelry before it, but this one would be more precious than anything else in the world!

Mangrove Kayaking: Feel the Scenic Beauty!

It is another way of building a strong bond with your loved ones! Mangrove Kayaking helps you to enjoy a blissful boat ride through the Mangroves. The serene atmosphere with just the sound of the waves and chirping of the birds is the best thing you want after a hectic schedule at the office! It is also a great way to improve family tides. You can take sandwiches and hot coffee and celebrate amidst the waters, greenery, exotic creatures, and love of your family! 

A Peek in the British Period!

The Andamans are not only famous for their heavenly beauty but have a strong connection with history! The Andamans carry a significant role in British India, especially Ross Island. It is the place where Indians bore the atrocities of the British. You can see the glorious remains of buildings of that period like the church, bakery, cemetery, and there are also the ruins of the Penal Colony. It is like boarding a time machine and going back in time! The Island is named after the marine surveyor named Daniel Ross. However, it was renamed Subhash Chandra Bose Island in 2018. Known as the Paris of East during the late 1800s, their glory and grandeur remain intact though covered by Ficus tree roots now! You can also see endearing scenes of the peacock and deers hopping around! The best time to visit is during March – May!

Aberdeen Bazar: Shopper’s Paradise!

Andaman welcomes everyone alike, whether you love adventure or shopping! So if you lose interest, feeling that the Andaman Islands are not for you, you might be in for a grand surprise! Instead, shopaholic or not, a visit to Aberdeen Bazar in Port Blair is a must! Shopping in Andaman is great fun whether you are returning or bracing for your journey ahead! After all, everyone wants to take an endearing memory or a souvenir for their loved ones! Tropical T-shirts, straw hats, beautiful artefacts, jewelry, sweets, whatever you wish! Everything is available at economical rates. So, whenever you are here, make sure to include Aberdeen Bazar in your itinerary! 


The Andaman trip is nothing less than a magical flight to a paradise untouched and untapped (by God’s grace), yet it touches your heart like nothing else! You come back, but your soul keeps wandering in the wondrous land! You will many tour operators in Andaman islands that provides the best Andaman tour packages, so go on and enjoy.

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