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10 Tips for Traveling With Dogs in the UK

For many people, dogs are not just pets. They are part of the family as well. That’s why it’s not a surprise that a family with a dog would want to take their furry friends with them while traveling, especially when it’s for a vacation. 

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But before you can travel with your dog, you need to follow these tips first to ensure that the trip will be problem-free and that your dog is fit for travel.

  1. Make sure they are in good condition before you take them – The first thing you need to do is make sure that your dog is healthy. If they suffer from motion sickness or the like, it would be better to leave them with friends that you trust. 
  2. Do your research – If you are going to a different country, you will need to find out if they have any rules that you need to adhere to. You may need to present a certificate that they are updated with their vaccines and such, if hiring a car, check for dog friendly car rental companies.
  3. Make them comfortable during the travel time – Make sure to buy the right size of the crate if that is how you want them to travel. If you will be using a harness, get them used to it too or else they might try to escape it from it during the trip.
  4. Get them used to travelPets WebMD suggests that you can get them used to long drives by taking them on short drives first. 
  5. Make sure they are hydrated – Always have a bottle of water and a water bowl so that you can give your dogs water anytime
  6. When travelling by plane, kennel-train them beforehand – Traveling may be traumatic for some dogs, especially when travelling by plane as they will not be with you during the duration. Try to get them trained so that they will not feel stressed during the journey. 
  7. Never leave your dog alone in the car – This is a big no-no. Especially during the hot months, it will be very dangerous to leave your dogs inside the car. Even if you are just going out to buy something from the store, make sure to let them out of the car. 
  8. Make sure that the place you are staying allows dogs – Of course, this is the most important thing. Don’t just plan to go on a trip and then not check whether you are actually allowed to bring your dog. Find a great place to stay that will have space for your beloved pet. 
  9. For road trips, make sure to have stops – If you are going on a long road trip, please make sure to stop every few hours. You can use this time to stretch your legs and also your dogs. Take them for a walk so that they can relieve themselves. 
  10. Bring something that can keep them entertained – You can bring some treats or perhaps something for them to chew on during the drive. Or if they have a favourite blanket or toy, include it with them so that they will feel comforted and secured.

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