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12 Most Delicious Street Food Around the World

It would seem that in the courtyard of the 21st century, in the minds of most people sits the idea of ​​physical education and health, so street food should not be so popular. This is actually not the case.

The business of street food vendors is constantly growing because new food is coming up almost daily. And it always attracts people. But still, there is a certain classic among street food – dishes that were, are, and always will be popular. What kind of food is this? Read on.

1. Pani Puri (India)

India is an amazing country that combines many cultures. India can boast of this variety in street food. But on the streets of North India are widely available and the most popular is pani puri.

Small fried bread balls with different fillings are called puri. To feel their divine taste, it is necessary to soak these balls in sweet water (pani), seasoned with different spices. To try them, it is not necessary to go to India, just find the recipe on the Internet and follow all the instructions exactly.

2. Hot Dog (USA)

Having once been to the USA, you will not be able to feel the spirit of America to the end without trying a hot dog from a street cart. Juicy sausage inside a hot soft bread cone along with hot pickles and cream cheese makes this dish simply unforgettable and well, very high-calorie!

3. Falafel (Israel)

Israeli falafel is a product that has millions of fans around the world due to its unforgettable taste. It is a small deep-fried chickpea ball with spices. It is served wrapped in pita bread with fresh crispy lettuce leaves, pickles, french fries, and hot chili sauce.

4. Pretzel (Spain)

Spain is one of the rare countries that can boast desserts as street food. Pretzels very popular today are thin, long donuts coated with icing sugar. As a rule, they eat, dipping in warm chocolate.

5. Tacos (Mexico)

This world-famous dish is the epitome of Mexican cuisine. It consists of corn or wheat tortilla – one of the fast-food dishes on which all kinds of filling are laid out: seafood, chicken, beef, vegetables, beans. Season everything on top with cheese and hot pepper, fold in half and eat by hand without the help of appliances.

6. Currywurst (Germany)

 All people have only one association with Germany – beer and sausages. The most famous and delicious dish is Cyrrywurst, which was invented in the war years. This is the same fast food: deep-fried chopped sausage served with ketchup and curry powder.

7. Pancakes (France)

The French are known for their insanely delicious desserts, which have gained popularity around the world. And even dessert, pancakes, is also popular among street food. Sellers make pancakes on almost every corner in all the major cities of this country, especially a lot of them in the capital – Paris. When you want to savor this dessert, you will be at a dead end with what exactly to try them: with Nutella, honey, or Gruyere cheese and mushrooms. And these are just a few fillings among all that can be tasted. But you can make pancakes at home. And everything you find in your fridge will go for the filling.

8. Poutine (Canada)

The national dish of Canadians, especially popular in Quebec. It is served mainly in public catering. The dish consists of french fries with sauce and fresh curd cheese.

9. Balik Ekmek (Turkey)

This is the first thing the Turks will advise you to try in Istanbul! This is grilled fish with lemon juice, which is served in a roll of flavored bread with onions and vegetables. It is best to buy such food on the streets, right on the waterfront – the fish is always fresh and tasty.

10. Herring (Netherlands)

Anyone who loves fish must definitely try another delicacy – the famous Dutch herring. It is served with onion and pickles in olive oil. What is its feature? A real Dutch herring just melts in your mouth and it’s great!

11. Cone Fried Fish (Italy)

Italy is a country of not only pizza and pasta but seafood. In particular, they like to eat a “cocktail” of deep-fried shrimp, squid, and small fish. All this is served in a cone of paper.

12. Casserole (Poland)

Having visited Poland, travelers will surely notice huge sandwiches with different fillings on the street – this is casseroles! This half baguette sandwich served with bacon, mushrooms, pickles, meat, seasoned with ketchup and green onions is very appetizing and atmospheric.

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