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14 Best Stand Up Comedy Albums on Spotify 2022 & My Favourite Bits

What do the Grammy’s know about comedy albums anyway? Stick to music!

I’ve listened to 50 stand up comedy albums on Spotify, here are the best and my favourite bits from each!

Who’s Tommy – Tommy McNamara

Union Delegate – Mike Recine

I Got This – Sam Morril

Deep Dive – Erin Foley

Downhill Ever Since – Raanan Hershberg

Model Minority – Joel Kim Booster

Lightskinned Feelings – Langston Kerman

Little Bit of Buddle – Sophie Buddle

You Might Be Interested In…

My Mama is a Human and So Am I – Alice Wetterlund

B.A.D Dreams – Kenny DeForest

Single Black Female – Marina Franklin

Hard Pass – Katie Compa

Party Nights – Emmy Blotnick

The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex – Dave Ross

And the best stand up specials not on Spotify

Cakes – Bilal Zafar

I Hate Myself – Joe List

And if you liked Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian, watch Sam Morrill’s Full Capacity documentary