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30 Best Stand Up Comedy Albums & Specials on Spotify & YouTube 2023

I’ve listened to 100 stand up comedy albums on Spotify, here are the best and my favourite bits from each!

And scroll down for the best comedy specials on YouTube. There’s even a close your own adventure type comedy special on YouTube by Danny Jolles.

Most recent addition 19th January: Money Never WakesNathan Mcintosh

For more best comedies around, check out my lists on Apple TV, Sky TV and podcasts.

Who’s Tommy – Tommy McNamara

Union Delegate – Mike Recine

I Got This – Sam Morril

Deep Dive – Erin Foley

Downhill Ever Since – Raanan Hershberg

Model Minority – Joel Kim Booster

Lightskinned Feelings – Langston Kerman

Little Bit of Buddle – Sophie Buddle

My Mama is a Human and So Am I – Alice Wetterlund

B.A.D Dreams – Kenny DeForest

Single Black Female – Marina Franklin

Hard Pass – Katie Compa

Party Nights – Emmy Blotnick

The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex – Dave Ross

Best Comedy Specials on YouTube

Cakes – Bilal Zafar

Trampoline In A Ditch – Kyle Kinane

Money Never WakesNathan Mcintosh

Are You Garbage

Jones From The Underground – Raanan Hershberg

The Ghost Of Academic Future – Liz Miele

I Hate Myself – Joe List

Live From The Lodge – Stavros Halkias

You Choose: The Full Interactive Comedy Special – Danny Jolles

Perfectly Stupid – Kurt Braunohler

Big Stepdad Energy – Monica Nevi

Scottish Cunt – John Mostyn

Neal – Shaun Murphy

Pumpkin Spice Season – Andy Woodhull

Brain Noise – Anthony DeVito

Oh No! – David Drake

Live From South High – Orlando Baxter

And if you liked Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian, watch Sam Morrill’s Full Capacity documentary

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