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18 Best Instagrammable Places in Scottsdale

Located East of Arizona’s state capital Phoenix, the desert city Scottsdale is famed as the world’s finest golf destination. It also has a reputation for spa resorts offering luxurious stays. This city experiences more sunny days, making it ideal for a vacation any day. 

The good climate also leaves most of its areas stunning for beautiful photos you will want to post on Instagram. This city has lots of attractions and amazing photo spots you will love while here. 

brown and gray house near brown mountain under blue sky during daytime

To complete your experience, you can choose the best Scottsdale vacation rental as you check out its top instagrammable places listed below. 

  1. Bicycle Haus

This bicycle store offers a laid-back atmosphere you will love to capture in your photos. The pieces here are beautiful and timeless; you will be lost for choice, what to pick and what to leave out. 

Shots taken here will undoubtedly elicit positive responses for their purpose and beauty. One of the best simple spots you must visit.

  1. The Pink Law Office

It’s near the popular LOVE structure in Civic Center Mall area. The pink color makes it stand out, creating a beautiful backdrop for any photo. In addition, the color will make any other pop, so you can be sure you will love every click regardless of the angle. If you wish to visit, you should do so during weekends when the office is closed to minimize disturbing the office’s working hours. 

  1. Civic Center Plaza

The beautiful flower gardens and fountains on these public grounds make it suitable for appealing Instagram shots. It is a lovely atmosphere; you won’t help sitting in the cool breeze while watching the cute ducks in the pond. Apart from offering the perfect shots, it is a great spot for reading and relaxing. 

  1. Bischoff’s at the Park

This is where you go in Scottsdale to find beautiful souvenirs, furnishings, and art. It is lined with books, wares, leather items, and many other pieces, all of which will bring your photo together in an impressive manner. It is upscale and elegant; choose your favorite corner and enjoy the resulting pictures. 

  1. Sugar Bowl

It is the perfect spot for cooling ice cream and other treats. Sugar Bowl is located in Old Town, and its fountain treats have given it the fame it prides itself on today. The plating is spectacular work of art you will find hard to dismantle before you capture it. Try out the different treats on the menu and choose the best for your Instagram. 

  1. The Canal Club

This club is located at The Scott and infuses Havana comfort and colors to give off the flare and edge of New Orleans. Also notable is the Bauhaus geometry incorporated here for elegance. The lounge, bar, and restaurant ambiance is casual but elegant, so whatever spot you choose, you will reap great rewards. 

  1. Ruze Cake House

This is a dessert shop with everything nice to taste and capture. The cake components here include caramels, fondant, and other fillings. The ice cream macarons, bubble tea, lavender lemonades, and cloud cotton candy are all photogenic and bound to push your Instagram feed to fame. The neon light sign at the entrance also makes a great portrait spot. 

  1. FourtillFour

This is a coffee shop that brings car culture like no other place. The Porsche story here is unmatched, and the coffee is incredible. Everything from the owner to the staff, the ambiance to the hot and cold beverages, is inviting and cheerful. Your shots here will spread joy and calmness effortlessly. 

  1. Maple and Ash

The décor and setup of this steakhouse are timeless. The white tablecloths are posh, and the lights are playfully romantic. It is an eatery that redefines the modern steakhouse experience, and every part of it is photogenic; you will be lost for choice even with the menu and wine list. So let the cheerful vibes guide your shots. 

  1. Outrider Rooftop Lounge

It is on the 7th floor of Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town. The terraces lounge-style mixes cozy fire pits with comfy seating, and the surroundings offer spectacular Camelback Mountain views. Your camera will adore the laid-back settings, especially if you come for an orangey sunset in the evening. 

  1. The Scott Resort

This boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town has beautiful outdoor dining areas, sitting areas complete with fire pits, and stunning sand-bottom pools. Nature has not been left out, thanks to the abundant trees, plants, and flowers all around. It’s a beautiful place both in the daytime and at nighttime. 

  1.  Hotel Adeline

This hotel’s white and blue settings are luxurious and modern, offering lots of Instagram-worthy photo spots. Whether you choose the grand entrance, the citrus and bird murals, the pool, or the indoor seating areas, you will have stunning images. The food and beverages are also served in style; you will want to capture a few. 

  1. The Saguaro Scottsdale

The plant life and color ascents will create gorgeous shots. This boutique hotel is finely furnished and features colorful bathing suits and sundresses. Its colorful mural is the most outstanding, but you will also love the loungers and parasols in vibrant, happy colors. 

  1. McDowell Mountain Preserve

Your Instagram followers will take an interest in this preserve’s desert landscapes, rock formations, and flowers. It might be a hot place, but worth every shot during a hike on the easy-to-access locations. Lighting is clearly not a problem here, so you will get only bright clear shots.

  1. Desert Botanical Garden

This botanical garden offers a gorgeous landscape with colorful sculptures and a breathtaking butterfly exhibit. Weddings are popular here; you might be lucky to capture a few shots. There is an entrance fee of $25, but for what it offers, it is worth it. 

  1. Scottsdale Quarter

This quarter is home to the park space Quad, with the region’s largest pop-jet fountain. Apart from the fountain, the contemporary urban architecture, lush desert landscape, serene blue skies, and intimate settings will be calling you. The luxury apartment homes have streets lined with palm trees completing the quarter beautifully.

  1. Scottsdale Waterfront

The combination of green plant life, reflective water, and distinctive buildings make this stylish community amazing for Instagram shots. If you choose a good angle, you will capture a little bit of everything in one shot. 

  1. Taliesin West

The architecture takes the crown here; it is actually a historic landmark as a result. It is as magnificent on the inside as it is on the outside. The guides can give you a tour through the house, and remember the gift shop stocked with artistic gifts.