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18 Yacht Chartering Etiquettes that Everyone Should Know

The word ‘etiquette’ came from the Old French word ‘estiquette” which refers to a list of ceremonial observances that people observe when in court. Knowing such etiquettes ensures a harmonious and organized court hearing. Such is the same with sailing, minus any legal issues and concerns, that is. Knowing yacht chartering etiquettes will ensure that you fully and truly enjoy your experience in all the best ways possible. Yacht chartering etiquettes, as all etiquettes are, are ultimately for your well-being. 

To make sure that you get the most out of your yacht chartering experience and that you truly get to relax through and through, we prepared a comprehensive list of yacht chartering etiquettes that everyone should know. By knowing all these, you’d truly get to be prepared for all the grand joys and wonderful memories that chartering a yacht would bring. 

We took the liberty to share our comprehensive list of yacht chartering etiquettes by dividing them into three groups. This is because there are primarily three sets of rules that you need to be aware of — the rules pertaining to the yacht, the rules pertaining to the crew, and the rules pertaining to yourself. Read on and duly take note. 

Rules pertaining to the yacht

1. Safety should always be the priority.

You should never miss safety briefings. Always attend them and make it a point to fully listen. Taking note of everything will keep you safe from troubles and danger while at sea. Every yacht charter is different. So much so that if you’d be opting for a Phuket yacht charter, you’d also be informed of unique matters that you should know when on a sailing holiday in Thailand. 

2. Yacht care.

Your yacht charter is not yours. You would be using it for days and you’re expected to care for it in all the best ways possible. 

3. Shoe considerations.

You are to go barefoot once you enter a yacht. This is something that you should never forget. When with people who are experiencing chartering a yacht for the first time, do remind them that they are supposed to remove their shoes once they enter the yacht. 

4. Equipment care.

Be careful when using water toys like jet skis and water skis that are provided. Be aware of key communication rules.

5. Smoking rules.

Some yacht owners allow for smoking while some do not. Make it a point to inquire about this before sealing a yacht charter deal.

Rules pertaining to the crew

6. Respect their space.

You should respect the crew’s space. It’s a no-no for you to enter their quarters.

7. Right route planning.

You need to be clear with your sailing plans. Your crew should be fully aware of all your plans as they need to be prepared for it. If you have no clear plans yet, you could always ask them for recommendations if they know all the good spots and they’re always willing to help. 

8. You need a separate babysitter.

Hire a babysitter if you’d be going with your kids. It is not the crew’s job to care for your kids if you want to leave them on board while you swim or linger about on some island.

9. Allow them to fully do their job.

Leave them to their jobs. Don’t have them do tasks that are not in their job order.

10. Always approach the captain first.

To not be confused, always raise your concerns to the captain. When sailing, he knows best. 

11. Don’t force them to disembark with you.

Your crew has numerous responsibilities. You should not force them at all to disembark with you. You can offer if you want to be polite. But you should not compel them at all as they need to stay on board to do maintenance tasks.

12. Always provide plans in advance.

It’s the most polite thing to have a ready plan and have it presented to the crew even before boarding. 

Rules pertaining to yourself

13. Stick to the guest count.

It is rude to come with extra guests as every provision is accounted for. You wouldn’t want any one of your guests to have nothing to eat while on deck. To avoid this, respect your given guest count.

14. Use soft luggage.

This is to ensure that you don’t scratch and damage storage cabinets.

15. Always notify the crew of your purchases.

You should be careful when doing your shopping. The crew should be fully informed if you’d be onboarding a tricky souvenir like driftwood or shells. Having sand all over the place is never ideal so you need the crew to plan ahead for anything that you would be onboarding. 

16. Use your preference sheet wisely.

Dedicate a full day for your preference sheet. Be as specific when pointing out things that you want or prefer. From food to bed sheets. Leave no stone unturned. This is the very thing that makes yacht chartering a luxurious and special experience. You can also be specific with party games and water toys that you prefer.

17. Obey the law at all times.

Do not do anything illegal on board. Don’t even think about bringing drugs onboard. 

18.  Tip properly.

You should never forget to tip your crew. Tipping in cash is best. You can choose to give it individually or you may also hand everything to the captain and let him or her do the distribution.