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3 Best Casinos In The World

Land-based casinos have a certain unmistakable style, which makes many of them very similar and unoriginal. However, there are resorts that stand out and offer unique entertainment and experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Here are three perfect examples that are famous worldwide.

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1. Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp, South Africa

Even if you’ve visited many foreign casinos, chances are you missed Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp. That’s a shame too because it’s the largest casino resort in Africa and the southern hemisphere.  Naturally, it has become a destination for millions of gamblers. This world-class gambling resort has more than 250 slots and table games, as well as three restaurants and bars.

Aside from various entertainment and dining options, the resort includes a children’s arcade and go-karts. Serious gamblers can play in private high-stakes rooms too. You won’t get such exotic experience anywhere else outside of Rio Casino Resort, even in Africa.

2. Casino Baden Baden in Baden-Baden, Germany

Germany’s best casino is part of the Baden-Baden complex along with a conference centre and spa. This makes it a destination that’s bustling with life 24/7, all year round. Casino Baden Baden is home to all classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machine payouts. Players can also enjoy unlimited progressive table games any day of the week.

The casino boasts of an exquisite interior with classical designs and atmosphere that’ll shoot up your adrenaline levels. Aside from gaming, you can enjoy The Grill restaurant, offering unique dishes and prime quality. While not all the games are open all day round, Casino Baden Baden is cosy, unique and more than worth travelling for.

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, USA

The Strip isn’t the only place in the USA that casino enthusiasts worldwide dream of visiting. While you might not have heard of Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, it’s more impressive than most Vegas resorts. In fact, it’s the largest casino resort in the United States, covering roughly 340,000 square feet and offering thousands of games.

Located in a gigantic complex with five more casinos, Foxwoods Resort Casino is extremely colourful and amazingly rich. The resort is filled with all sorts of entertainment from cash tournaments and progressive poker to roulette and Pai Gow. Aside from 24/7 gambling action, you’ll find few dozen shops, forty bars, restaurants and more. It will keep you busy like no other casino in the world.


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