Creme Egg Cafe? 3 Future Cafes I’d like To See In London

A cereal cafe? A porridge cage? A cat cafe?

And now London has a creme egg café (open till Sunday 6th March). The only surpirse about the Creme Egg Café is that it’s popped up in Shoreditch, but Soho.

The list of weird cafes in London is getting ridonkulous. What’s next? Here are three cafes I want to see in London next.

Dog cafe

Well there’s a cat cafe in London. But…

Dogs rule, cats drool.

Imagine petting this happy chappy while munching on a scone (this is my dog Lucky by the way, cute huh?).

13915906012_d3a0827a20_z 13939399494_2f028c240f_z13938993723_9ff1b43deb_z 13939002035_6c89011c5c_z

That last photo of Lucky, does it remind you of anyone?…

Blue Steel and Mrs Bow Tie - a potent combo
Blue Steel and Mrs Bow Tie – a potent combo

Or better yet, a puppy cafe (this is Lucky when we first got him).


Milkshake cafe

While I’ve been making my unsual burgers in London list, I’ve serendipitously been on a milkshake pilgrimage too.

There are as many ridiculously awesome milkshakes in London as there are awesome burgers.

Everything from the Oreo and Nutella milkshake at Hache (review) to the peanut butter ice cream and strawberry milkshake at Bonfire, Barbican (review).

Oreo and nutella milkshake - Hache, Camden review (2)

I hope you have Milkshake by Kelis running through your head right now like I do. You’re welcome.

Crisp cafe

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

It’d be one hell of a noisy cafe that’s for sure. Not a café you meet in to catch up with friends.

Is there any snack that has more variety than crisps? Ask a crowd of 100 Londoners what their favourite crisp is and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got 100 different answers.

Pringles. Frazzles. Picked onion Monster Munch. What’s your poison?

What cafes would you like to see next in London? What’s your favourite crisp? Tell me in the comments section below!

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