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3 Main Travel Tips For Large Families

Travel is always a good reason to get together and have an unforgettable experience! Such events should be joyful, pleasant and exciting. Traveling definitely should not be overshadowed by shortcomings in training and organization. In order to minimize the possibility of failures, we will compile a list of tips for those who travel with a large family! 

Choose the right transport 

The choice of transport is an individual and special moment. A lot of things in your trip depend on the means of transportation. Obviously, a convertible is not suitable for a trip with a large family. But a train or minivan will definitely brighten up your trip! The train is quite a good option for large families, because children who cannot sit still for half an hour have the opportunity to run along the corridor, climb on the upper shelves, and sleep in a horizontal position.

A big car is a great option if the distance between points is not more than 500 km. There are a lot of advantages here. Firstly, you control your own path, decide where to make stops and where to stop along the way. Secondly, it’s much more comfortable, you don’t need to share space with strangers. If you don’t have your own big car, this is not a reason to give up the comfort of traveling. You can rent a car and enjoy the ride! No, you don’t need to rent a luxury car, you can rent an ordinary roomy car for reasonable money! A huge plus is that cars for rent do not need to be serviced, the service copes with this perfectly. 


Once in another city, or even a country, of course, you want to see everything – visit museums, concerts, excursions. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to implement if your company is full of people of different ages and interests. Someone needs museums, someone wants to be photographed, and someone is already planning lunch! What to do? A leisurely walk in the park or along the streets of the Old Town will give everyone much more pleasure than trying to please everyone individually. Consider options such as a water park or an amusement park.  This option will be interesting for kids, older children, and parents. Do not forget to take a certificate of a large family, a certificate of family composition or from the social protection authorities. So you can visit some places with a big discount.

Food and pharmacy 

Often, children may have allergies or other factors that suggest a special diet. When traveling, it is especially important to check the moment of availability of the right products in the place where you are going. It is better to deal with this issue at home and choose a hotel, focusing on the characteristics of your family. 

Also don’t forget about the first aid kit! Acclimatization, drafts, viral diseases. All this can meet travelers in another country. Protect yourself and your children in advance by taking a full first aid kit with you.


These three tips are one of the basic things that parents need to know for having an excellent vacation with kids. Let every journey bring you joy and happiness! Have a nice trip!