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3 Best Outdoor Activities To Try In St. Lucia

The Caribbean is heaven to lovers of fun, sun, and relaxation, but St. Lucia, in particular, tops the list for travellers who want to frolic in the water, go on adventures, and experience vacations that are both thrilling and relaxing. Before you head back to the real world, carve out some time to devote to some of St. Lucia’s most popular activities. Whether you’re the sort of vacationer who loves to lounge or if you’re a holiday maker who’s eager to discover the flora and fauna of the Caribbean, discover three outdoor activities you have to try in St. Lucia.

Go Hiking Through the Pitons

Image via Flickr by jaroslavd
The Pitons are easily St. Lucia’s most iconic sight. Although they look like mountains, they’re not nearly that mundane. The Pitons are volcanic plugs — formations on the land created from volcanic materials. You can’t tell, given the lush greenery covering them. Between Choiseul and Soufrière, you’ll find Gros Piton (Big Piton) and Petit Piton (Little Piton).
You can go on a lazy hike designed to take in the beautiful vegetation, or you can go on a hardcore hike. Pack a picnic, rent a bike, or spend a day getting lost in all the beauty. Whatever you choose, the Pitons will steal your breath.

Play in the Water at the Beach

Image via Flickr by winterriot
Naturally, St. Lucia has beaches to spare. There are kid-friendly beaches, romantic shores made for honeymooners, and coastline that’s practically created to please water enthusiasts. Given that spending time in the water is unquestionably one of the most exhilarating activities to do in St. Lucia, you have to find a fantastic beach.
Reduit Beach is one of those beaches that basically exists for watersports, whereas the beaches around Pigeon Island National Park are ideal for families or laid-back, lazy excursions.
If you’re seeking to try a sport such as kitesurfing, waterskiing, or snorkeling, make sure you choose an accommodation that’s close to the water. Better still, look for a resort with its own beach or beachfront access, such as Coconut Bay Resort. Not only is that arrangement convenient, but you’ll have a bit more privacy as you learn the ins and outs of kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Wander Around Castries Market

Image via Flickr by Ian A Gratton
Being outdoors can mean something as simple and relaxing as walking around and exploring a new place. Since St. Lucia’s Castries Market stays open every day except Sunday, you can take your time wandering from vendor to vendor. This is the place to find fresh foods and handmade goods. In addition to sampling local delicacies, you can interact with the sellers and the St. Lucians doing their daily shopping. You’ll also find more than enough souvenirs to take home to friends and family, as well as mementos commemorating your vacation.
The Caribbean is the epitome of sun, sand, and surf, making this destination the perfect place to go when you need to get away from everything else and back in touch with yourself. You won’t want to spend a moment indoors, so plan an itinerary that’s full of exciting adventures and thrilling outdoor activities.

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