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3 Best Super Car Museums You Can Visit In Italy

If you are a car enthusiast and are planning a visit to Italy, you are in for a treat. There are 3 great car museums that you must put on your itinerary; the Ferrari museum in Maranello, the Pagani auto in Modena and the Lamborghini museum and factory in Sant’ Agata Bolognese. Just to give you a taste of what you will enjoy, here is a glimpse into each of them.

Best car museums in Italy

3 best super cars museums to visit in Italy

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Located in the Northern part of Italy, this museum attracts more than 200,000 visitors every year, far more than any other tourist attraction in the region. A visit to the museum, which is just 30 minutes from Modena, is best accomplished by car. You can also go by shuttle, but this requires that you visit another Ferrari museum in the region to obtain a ticket. A ticket into the museum costs €14 and you can expect to pay an additional €14 if you choose to use the shuttle.

The museum was constructed in the ‘70’s next the Fiorano track and you can expect to see not just vintage Ferrari alongside a sizeable number of Formula 1 cars. Unf`ortunately, you will not be able to see the production facility as access is restricted. You can buy some nice Ferrari souvenirs in a store within the museum.

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Pagani Auto in Modena

This one is located in an area near Modena. It is named after Horacio Pagani, and the cars on display here are testament that a dream and hard work can turn into something beautiful. Pagani spent 7 years building his first Zonda and today, there is a 2 year waiting line if you want to buy one. The best thing about this visit is that there are guided tours through the factory so that visitors can see the painstaking work that goes into piecing a Zonda together. You also get to see how they assemble the carbon fiber body of the cars. Be aware though, you are not allowed to take any photographs within the factory.

The museum is keen to give you a history of Horatio Pagani. He crossed over from Argentina in search of his dream. He wanted to create supercars that were simply a work of art. His first scale model was accomplished when he was just 12. In the museum, you can see the first car that he ever built when he was just 20 as well as the first drawing of the Zonda. The latest Zonda and Huayra are also on display.

The Lamborghini museum and factory

This museum is located in the region of Sant’Agata Bolognese which is between Bologna and Modena. It opened in 2001 and it was to commemorate, along with the new millennium, the new kind of dream cars. It was also built as recognition for Lamborghini fans. The Lamborghini Murciélago was initially shown in this museum. Besides it, you will get to see a host of Lamborghini treasures and you can take a tour of the assembly lines.

3 excellent car museum tours in Italy that you must make; make sure to pencil them into your schedule.

Gabriele is dedicated writer for travel in Italy. He has been organising super car tours in the Bologna and Modena area since 2009.

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