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4 Amusing Hen Do Activities You Need to Try Out During Your Wild Party

A hen weekend isn’t exciting enough without some hilarious games to get everyone comfortable. However, they can be tricky to choose as it’s key to making a hen party memorable. 

As the maid of honour, it falls upon you to make the activities entertaining along with other hen-do plans. That’s why we’ve made a list of amusing hen-do activities you need to try out at your party to have a great time. 

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We’ve covered a wide range of activities that caters to every lady, and you’re bound to find something that suits everyone. 

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Outdoor Fun

There’s nothing more fun than playing fun outdoor games at your hen do party. You can book a place somewhere far away and get your girl squad in there to have an entertaining hen do. 

For instance, if you’re looking for an adventurous hen do in Leicester, you can try something unique like blindfold archery or axe throwing. It’s a fascinating activity, and you’re bound to have some hilarious and amazing moments when trying to hit the target. 

For an outdoor hen do, you need to make a proper plan in advance and make reservations well in advance. 

2. First Impressions 

This activity is an excellent ice-breaker for people, and you learn more about the bride. In this fun mini-game, you need to give everyone at the party a piece of paper and a pen.

After that, ask them to write down their best or funniest memory they share with the woman of the hour. If you have people who aren’t that close to the bride-to-be, you can ask them to write first impressions. Make sure to tell everyone to keep themselves anonymous in the message. 

After everyone’s done writing their experiences, the bride has to read them out and figure out who wrote the message. This game helps you learn more about the bride from her friend’s perspective, and you’re bound to find some hilarious and embarrassing stories! 

3. Cocktail Competition

Need a reason to get more drinks into the party? You should try having a competition where everyone has to make cocktails. It’s an interesting idea, and there’s no better way to get the drinking game started early on. 

In this activity, you need a collection of alcohol, mixers, and some equipment assembled on a table. Then the hens need to get creative and make cocktails using the items on the desk. 

For an extra twist, you can get the bride-to-be to taste all the drinks and let her pick out the winner. Don’t forget to let everyone down the remaining cocktails, and get the real party started! 

4. Drunk Jenga 

Everyone knows about the classic Jenga in which each person has to remove a tile from the tower and ensure it doesn’t fall. However, it’s time to add a little twist to the game to make it interesting during the hen-do party.

For every brick a person removes, they need to pick up a chit from a bowl filled with drinking instructions. This means that this game not only requires good judgement but also the ability to keep yourself composed after a few shots. 

If someone drops the Jenga tower, they have to do an embarrassing forfeit. The game is tricky when you’re sober, and drinking increases the difficulty and amusement. 

To Sum Up

Hen dos are difficult to plan and take some time and effort. The key is to pick the right activities so that the entire gang can have a great time! 

These activities need to be entertaining and engaging, and we’ve ensured that you find that on our list. All you need to do is be a good host. Make arrangements and bookings well in advance and send out the invites for a guaranteed fun time before the bride’s big day! 

Besides that, you should remember that no matter what activities you choose, the bride-to-be will appreciate the effort you put into making it a fun time for her.