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4 Tips to Surviving Multigenerational Trips

Family reunion options today are no longer limited to grandma or grandpa’s home. People are usually after the adventure, or a change of setting at least. Hence came multigenerational trips.

Imagine an extended family setting out on a trip. From toddlers to elders, each group has their own interests. While it’s not impossible  to find everyone in one place on some occasions, say during meals for instance or around a campfire. Still, most of the time, the group will have varying opinions which activity to do next.

Multigenerational trips are always possible of working out  though as long as everyone extends patience and understanding toward another’s sudden mood swings  or meltdowns. This should feel a lot easier since members of the family know each other for quite some time already.

Here are other survival tips worth noting.

Split up.

Teenagers want to go hiking. Toddlers want to drop by amusement parks while grandparents want to visit art museums.

Although compromising helps, it does not do the trick at all times.

Another alternative is to split up. The ladies can take their time shopping for souvenirs. Guys, meanwhile, can go out fishing or drinking in local pubs.

Point is families need not be together throughout the vacation for everyone to have a blast. It is okay to split up as long as those within the group have similar interests.

Planning for multi generational trips  sure shall turn out challenging. But all the effort you’ve put in pays off when everyone turns out happy.

Choose accommodation wisely.

Accommodation usually takes a huge chunk out of  travel funds.

You will earn massive benefits from an accommodation that will allow you round the clock access to the kitchen.

Dining out three times a day shall hurt your budget. More so when there are picky eaters in the groups. Some will be pushing for this and the others on that restaurant.

Booking multiple rooms in a hotel can be just as complicated. Merely gathering everyone at the lobby can challenge your sanity. Plus that consideration you will always have to make for other tenants or guests. You cannot be too noisy.

Just because a family friend was satisfied with the apartment they rented does not mean yours will do too. Consider recommendations. But be sure to discuss with everyone traveling options you’re looking at.


Plan ahead of time.

Do not let heated debates or travel interruptions ruin your trip.

You will experience delays one way or another. Someone is bound to be overly exaggerated or annoying. But if you let these things keep you from enjoying then you lose. Even the best relations might get strained one way or another because of traveling.

Do not be passive aggressive. Address issues immediately.

Also, let everyone rest the first day and just enjoy a good night sleep. Start hitting the road the next day.  An overly busy schedule, leaving no room for slow walks or conversations over meals shall only sap the fun in traveling.

Again, maintain gaps for transfers and rest. And expect varying paces. The elders will not be as fast as the young ones in the group.

Before the day ends, discuss what’s in store the next day, especially the call time. Make your itinerary flexible. Someone might have to go back to pee, or pick up something important that they apparently forgot.


Talk who’s footing the bill.

Money is likely to be a cause of disagreements.

Discuss early on how the expenses shall be divided. And make sure that everyone’s there as witness.

It might help that you collect funds in advance. This is one  way you can save for the trip ahead of time, and ensure it’s indeed pushing through. It’s going to be harder to back out when you’ve already invested something.

You might just feel compelled to find a colleague who can take care for the meantime of your essay writing tasks, than miss that rare chance to spend quality time with your family..

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray is not picky when it comes to attractions. She can be a kid in an instant, riding carousels,  or be one of the elders, dancing ballroom at a plaza. She usually gives in faster to requests of young ones in the group though.

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