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5 Amazing Blue Mountains Experiences

The Blue Mountains is an astonishing natural wonder that cover more than 10,000 square kilometres of land. They are named after the natural blue haze that can be seen above the mountains created by the vast and dense eucalypt forests.

Tourists flock to the Blue Mountains area to witness the sensational views and the mountainous terrain. There is plenty to do and see in the mountains, such as bushwalking, caving, canoeing, live performances, art exhibitions, mountain biking and horse riding to name a few. Plan a trip to the area and camp out in the rainforest canopy or stay at one of the quaint towns that surround this beautiful region.

Read on to check out five amazing Blue Mountains experiences below.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

One of the great activities the family can partake in is the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mount Tomah has over 40,000 plants from all corners of the world including the rare, native Wollemi pines. At 1,000 metres above sea level, the cool-climate garden sits high above the ground with spectacular views of Sydney.  

The gardens also has a range of guided tours and self-guided tours. Take the Aboriginal heritage tour to learn about the historical past of the area and how plants are used for medicines, tools and weapons.

Image Source: Flickr | Doug Beckers

Scenic World

Scenic World in Katoomba provides a range of unique activities giving you an immersive Blue Mountains experience. Thrillseekers can ride the Scenic Railway down the world’s steepest incline passenger railway through a cliff-side tunnel, giving you an up-close look at the vegetation near the valley floor.

If you’re good with heights, try the Scenic Skyway. Suspended 270 metres above ravines, glide between cliff tops inside a glass-floored cable car. The Skyway gives you breathtaking, 360 degree views of the mountains area, in particular Katoomba Falls and the Jamison Valley.  

Image Source: Flickr | Amanda Slater

Valley of the Waters Trail

There are lots of opportunities for bushwalking in the Greater Blue Mountains Area. Walk the Valley of the Waters Trail to get close to invigorating waterfalls and gain access to the Queen Victoria Lookout, Empress Lookout and Lyrebird Lookout.

The walk will take you through the depths of the valleys surrounding Wentworth Falls, a highlight of the area. There are many turns to take along the way as well as elevated areas just off the cliff face where you can peer down at the forest canopy below.

Image Source: CC Wiki | Harryp2

Jenolan Caves

Be sure to work a trip to the Jenolan Caves into your itinerary. With limestone inside the caves estimated to be over 300 million years old, these ancient rock formations are a remarkable sight.

There are 11 caves open to the public to explore either on your own time or on a guided tour. The caves however, are still being explored and have more than 40 km of passages on a number of levels with over 300 entrances.

Image Source: CC Wiki | Jerrye & Roy KLOTZ MD

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive

Take a trip on the Greater Blue Mountains Drive. The scenic route snakes around the network of national parks and reserves that make up the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Be daring and check out any of the 18 unique discovery trails dotted along the main route. These back roads are what make the journey, each with its own secrets to unlock. Hire a car and head out on the ‘edge-of-the-world’ drive. This route will take you around the cliff tops between Katoomba and Wentworth Falls and boasts amazing views of famous Blue Mountains landmarks Echo Point and the Three Sisters.

Image Source: CC Wiki | snowmanradio

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