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5 Types of Travel Luggage For International Travel

Whether you are going on a backpacking adventure in southeast Asia, a business trip to North America, or a luxury holiday on the French Riviera, you will need the best luggage for international travel. Luggage isn’t all created equally and depending on your destination, the environment, and length of journey, you need to select wisely. 

Travelling around the world doesn’t have to be a hassle and these 5 luggage ideas are great ways to ensure your clothing and other items arrive safely.

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1. Hardcase luggage

Hardcase luggage has become even more of a priority for travelers in recent years due to high-priced electronic gadgets. Many travelers stick their electronic devices in their luggage which leaves them at risk of being damaged.

Airport baggage handlers often toss around luggage as if it is a rugby ball. If something inside your bag is broken, good luck getting any kind of financial reimbursement from the airline or third-party baggage handling company. 

Hardcase luggage prevents your suitcase from being smashed in transport resulting in broken items inside of it. 

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2. Waterproof backpack

Travelling takes you into the great unknown. Even if you know where you are heading, you may not know exactly what it will be like until you arrive. That is why a waterproof backpack is ideal for travel.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your final destination than having sodden clothing in your luggage. Water can also short out your electronic items and ruin books or magazines. 

If you are backpacking or hiking, you leave yourself open to the elements. A waterproof backpack ensures your stuff stays dry and safe.  Now most of the waterproof backpacks are very simple and don’t do much more than keep things dry. For a feature packed waterproof backpack try 50l backpack from DryTide ( 

Waterproof backpacks are also perfect for carrying around wet items like for instance wet wetsuits after the surf.

3. Duffel bag luggage

Duffel bag luggage offers optimal space for your clothing and other items. It is the perfect luggage for checking at the airport or throwing into the boot of your car for a road trip. Plenty of newer duffel bag luggage items such as the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior come with wheels so you can pull it alongside you when it becomes too heavy. 

The duffel bag design is also great for taking sports gear with you and its multiple compartments means you can separate items such as shoes, clothing, and electronics. A good sized duffel bag can fit your soccer or football gear, your tennis gear, even your whole mountain biking protection and clothes. 

4. Hybrid carry-on suitcase

Carry-on luggage experiences little wear and tear as you are the only person who handles the baggage regularly. That said, carry-on luggage can get beaten up along with the items inside it. 

If you are looking to pack for a long trip, a hybrid carry-on suitcase is perfect for your adventure. The Thule Crossover Carry-on is an example of a top-quality hybrid carry-on suitcase that can be used as both a backpack and pull along bag.

One minute you can be carrying the bag on your back as you walk through the streets of Bangkok. The next, you are pulling it alongside you through the airport. A hybrid carry-on suitcase is a perfect way to pack and always have your stuff with you.

5. Rollaboard 

Rollaboard luggage can often be seen being pulled by airline crewmembers. The luggage is made by Travelpro and many regular travelers live by the luggage. 

Rollaboard comes on wheels and can be pulled alongside you as you walk through the airport. The compartments of the luggage are well-designed offering optimal space despite its small size. 

Although Rollaboard was first made popular by flight crews, it is now used by business men and women around the globe due to its simplicity on the go.