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5 Countries That Do it Better Than Britain

Travelling to exotic destinations and far flung countries can soon make you realise that perhaps the UK isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sorry GB.

As a traveller you can experience all sides of a country, and not just the side you’re sold in the travel agents.

But when your feet are finally ready to stop moving, where is best to settle down?

  • France

Across the pond where fine wines and delicious cheeses await you, they also still believe in the good old fashioned lunchtime closing hours.

In some parts taking up to 2 hours to enjoy your lunch break is the norm, as food here is a way of life and one that is embraced by all.

And if the fancy food doesn’t sell you, fewer working hours just might.

With a higher rate of productivity but a strong work ethic, c’est la vie!

  • Switzerland

Going over the border, if you’re careful with your pennies, than Switzerland might just be your savvy savers haven.

With the most stable economy in the world, you can feel reassured that your assets are safe, whilst you enjoy the chocolatiers the country is renowned for.

  • Denmark

Voted as one of the happiest places to live by the World’s Happiness Report, it’s no surprise when the crime and murder levels are at almost zero.

A stark comparison to even some of the smallest areas of the UK, if you want to feel like you can leave your back door open without being robbed blind, this is your place.

For the eco-friendly the government also offer an incentive when you bike to work, so a stress free transport system certainly gives this country some extra brownie points.

  • Finland

For the water sports fanatics you need to head to Finland, where 80% of families own a lake and a summer house.

It’s pretty much the same as owning a car over here in Britain, as there are 187,888 lakes to around.

  • Sweden

Home of our favourite flat pack furniture, it’s not all about trendy homeware that make Sweden a must live destination.

Delays are a travellers nightmare, and even more so when you commute for work.

But with Sweden’s transport system covering the entire country, it is so efficient that delays are rare and barely noted.

Well that would take at least half of the stress away from your working day.

If this list of places to live has got your feet shuffling to relocate and make your life in lands afar, then just don’t forget to remember what a huge change this can be in your life.

It’s not just another trip, or an excursion to test the waters.

Although some destinations sound like the perfect place, there is a lot to learn when you move abroad.

Apart from the language barrier, ensure to get as much knowledge about your chosen destination as possible, even looking into the basics of moving all of your beloved possessions such as these tips, can make you see reality in the rose tinted glasses of emigration.

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