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5 Haunted Places To Visit in Edinburgh City

Edinburgh is rich with horrible history so it’s no surprise there are haunted places. These are the best places to visit.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” 

             – Stephen King

When you think of the word ‘horror,’ what image appears in front of your eyes? 

Dark streets? 

Flickering lights?

A spine-chilling ghost face?

Bone-chilling screams? 

Well, if this excites you to unravel more about ghosts and their enticing stories, then you must not miss any chance to fly to this city of ghosts- Edinburgh

If you are one of those who consider the fear of flying to be the deadliest one, then you need to take a stroll in Edinburgh city in the dark nights. This city is full of spooky spots to give you a life-time experience. 

Here are the most haunted places in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle- 

Royal births, murders, wars, and a lot more historical moments; the grand Edinburgh Castle has witnessed it all.

Its fascinating stories are world widely popular, which apparently makes it the most visited spot in the entire Edinburgh city. There is a scary tunnel where a bagpiper went missing decades ago. People say the bagpiper still plays music at night and haunts whosoever visits his tunnel. 

Mackenzie’s Mausoleum on Greyfriars Kirkyard- 

Considered as the most haunted graveyard of the world- Mackenzie’s Mausoleum on Greyfriars Kirkyard still has the soul of ‘bloody Mackenzie’ who attacks the late-night visitors leaving burn marks, bites, scratches on their body. 

A story says, in 1999, a man went inside the Mackenzie’s Mausoleum for the sake of shelter & unintentionally broke the door. Resulting, the evil spirits of Mackenzie attacked the man. Since then, a lot of people have come up with their real-life experiences. 

Edinburgh Playhouse- 

In the 1950s, when Hardy and Laurel (a due of comedians) visited the biggest theatre of the U.K – Edinburgh Playhouse, a lot of people came to see them. 

It was a successful show & cops were called to handle the crowd. During this, the police officers investigated the break-in to the theatre & said they had a discussion with a gentleman named ‘Albert’ from the theatre staff. When inquired, there was no one in the staff with this name. 

Albert still confirms his presence in the theatre by slamming doors, making noises in the empty corridors & by giving a touch of his icy fingers on crew members’ shoulders. 

Gilmerton Cove- 

If you want to see how the hell probably looks like, visiting Gilmerton Cove is a must. These are numerous tunnels & seven uniquely designed chambers constructed using sandstone. These are 15 feet beneath Dum Street in Gilmerton, where late-night visitors have witnessed someone whispering ‘never mind’ in their ears. 

Annie’s Room in The Real Mary King’s Close- 

The Real Mary King’s Close looks scarier than your imagination. And then there is Annie’s room to petrify you even more. 

Reportedly, in 1992, a Japanese psychic was searching for food inside The Real Mary King’s Close, when she met a baby girl named ‘Annie’ who said, she has been left alone by her family & had lost all her favourite dolls as well. 

To this, the Japanese girl went to buy a toy for Annie & bought her a tartan barbie. Since then, visitors have been gifting Annie a doll while experiencing a little cold hand snatching those toys & leaving a cold sensation around them. 

We have some tried and tested tips for you: If you have finally decided to move out in the scary streets of Edinburgh, then we suggest following tips to prevent any evil spirit throughout your experience.

  1. Wear silver jewellery
  2. Don’t forget to keep a horseshoe in your bag 
  3. Hang some garlic around your neck 
  4. Never go alone to such places as it somehow invites evil spirits to attack you 
  5. Carry The Cross

The Bottom Line 

Edinburgh is considered as the city of ghosts. 

The best thing about these scary places is the more surreal it looks in the day time, the more scarer it seems in the dark. Probably that’s why there are many stories related to all the scary spots detailed above. 

Do you have any scary tale to share? Do let us know in the comments section below: 

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