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5 Ideas For The Road Trip Of A LifeTime

Everyone loves a good road trip, with the promise of adventure, people, and new sights. A road trip doesn’t have to be long; driving a few hours down the highway and back the next day is a refreshing break. But if you’re planning on taking the road trip of a lifetime, you’re probably looking at more than a few hours down the road. There are several ways to make a road trip special.

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Spontaneously jumping in the car and driving sounds great fun, but the reality will likely be less so, especially if you’re not alone. Spend time planning your trip so that the basics and emergencies are at least covered. Have the vehicle serviced before undertaking a long journey to minimize breakdowns and pack emergency supplies. Ensure all onboard agree on the basics (slow exploring trip or getting to a destination in a set time) and contribute equally. Falling out with each other in a confined space would be unpleasant.


Decide what type of vehicle you want to take and where to source it from. Taking your car is ideal if you’re staying in motels or camping along the way, whereas an RV lets you stay anywhere with your own comforts. For a luxury trip, car shipping companies will transport your classic car across the country, so you don’t have to drive it all the way. Imagine touring the Grand Canyon in style without driving all the way from Michigan. And don’t forget RV internet to keep the boredom at bay on longer drives.


A road trip vacation is an excellent way to visit multiple destinations in one trip, so plan an itinerary that takes in places you’ve always wanted to see. Your road trip needn’t start in your driveway; if the areas you wish to drive through are far away, go to them. It could be the West Coast of the USA from San Diego north to San Francisco and wine country, or through the red center of Australia. 


On a decent-length road trip, you’ll need money for supplies and gas, no matter how well-stocked the car is. Bring a combination of cash and card as some places in remote areas may not accept card payment. It’s advisable to let your bank know you’re traveling so that they don’t stop your card at an inconvenient time, thinking there’s fraudulent out-of-state activity. Not being able to pay for gas does not make for a trip of a lifetime!

Check Legal Requirements

If you’re taking your dream road trip in another country, check the local laws, so you’re not caught out while on the road. Checking which side of the road to drive on is the big one to check, but more minor things are also important.

Finding a route for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime road trip isn’t hard as there’s a world of stunning routes available. And with other ideas taken into consideration, such as shipping a special car out of state, careful planning, and knowing the local laws, you’ll remember it for all the right reasons.