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5 Incredible Fun Activities To Try In Pigeon Forge

Traveling within the US is one of the best investments you can make. But this year, instead of going to the popular destinations such as Las Vegas, New York, Miami, or LA, check out this little town in Tennessee that you probably have heard of but never considered visiting.

Pigeon Forge is one of those cities tucked away in one of the most scenic mountain ranges in the country. The Great Smoky Mountains are some of the most magnificent and majestic mountain ranges you will ever see—and the wispy charm of the clouds gives a mysterious aura that draws you in further. 


However, you can’t spend your entire time looking at the mountains and appreciating nature now, can you? There must be more to the place than just that. So, let’s look at some of the fun activities to take part in when visiting the area. Read on till the end of the article to gain a complete picture. 

The Pirates Voyage Dinner Show

The dinner show is a great source of family entertainment in this little town. This is your chance to spend time with loved ones, digest some family-friendly content and enjoy a fine evening meal in the bargain. The meal is great enough for people to flock to the destination, so you can only imagine how great they are coupled together.
The Pigeon Forge dinner shows are a must if you are in the area. The pirate show is a fun way to experience the thrill and excitement of life on the water. Not only is this a chance for you to learn more about the history of pirates but appreciate the theatrics and talent of the performers involved. 

A lot goes into creating and seeing the pirate show, though. Join and appreciate all the event has to offer. 

Visit the Titanic Museum 

The largest Titanic memorabilia collection happens to be right here in Pigeon Forge. All those years ago, the events that shocked the world are right there for you to visit and pay homage to. Reading about it is one thing; watching the movie is another, but being there in person and seeing artifacts from the actual ship is an entirely surreal experience you shouldn’t miss.
The tour guide will walk you through the place and explain just how significant some of these pieces are. For children and adults alike, this is a chance to learn and truly appreciate new information about the once largest ship in the world. 

Tread lightly, though; this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The sheer number of people who lost their lives on the ship can be hard to digest. Moreover, learning about the events in detail may not be for everyone. Therefore, if you want to tour the place at your own pace, ditch the guide and explore yourself. Just remember the no-touching-the-artifacts rule!

Take a Jeep Tour of the Mountains

If you aren’t comfortable driving in the new environment, consider taking a jeep tour instead. In fact, this might be a wise idea because the chances of getting lost in the mountains greatly increase when you don’t know the place. GPS can only help you so much, but nature and GPS historically don’t fair well together. Moreover, some parts of the mountains don’t have reception, and, you don’t want to end up trapped.
Rent a jeep and guide and explore the place with someone. Not only is this a safer way to go about the process, but it’s a chance to learn more about the location. A guide will show you the best spots and educate you on various factors concerning the place. Just make sure you prepare yourself for twists and turns.

Mountain driving tends to cause a fair deal of motion sickness. Therefore, if you are prone to it, you may want to carry your meds or plastic bags. 

Wine and Moonshine Tours

This isn’t much for the families out there. You don’t want to be taking the kids with you for one of these and you don’t want to drive back if you have been drinking. However, you should check out some of these tours if you work around these considerations.
You can see the process and how the beverages are made, with a chance to sample some of the products.

Tennessee is known for its moonshine; therefore, if you get the chance, you must try it. Their wine is also great, but it’s not what they are known for. Take a guided tour (as with everything else on this list) to gain the full experience of the process and what goes into producing some of the most loved beverages in the south. 

Simply Enjoy Your Surroundings

Who said you must always go somewhere and engage in fun activities? If you are traveling with the family, make sure you take the time to enjoy the wide-open spaces with the mountains in the background. Find an open space and just have a lazy day with the family. Perhaps even lay down a spread and start a picnic.
With the environment as it is, this is the perfect time to take in your surroundings and pace yourself. However, this is something you want to do towards the end of your vacation once you have seen everything. 


There, we have some of the most fun activities you can take part in when visiting the mountains. Not only is this article designed to help you have the time of your life, but to appreciate the fact that little towns have a charm that you might never have expected.
From the famous pirate voyage to enjoying the surroundings with your family, we covered five things that we think could make your trip to Pigeon Forge a whole lot better. 

Pro tip: Remember to live in the moment and put your camera down. Take pictures once you think you have truly experienced the place through your sense. Live your surroundings before you try capturing them and making them a forever memory. 

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