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Harry Potter locations Around The UK: 5 Magical Places to Visit

There were 8 films and 7 books that made the Harry Potter saga one of the best known and sold of all time.

Since 2001, following the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in cinema, the saga of the wizard boy – a phenomenon in the bookstores – has established in a way that makes a market of its own: fans around the world required wands, extra books, and so many other things.

In other words, the fans wanted to live Harry Potter.
The world phenomenon then marked places in the world that is a desire of every fan of Harry Potter to know, to live a little of that cosmos.

We then decide to select the 5 most outstanding places that every fan of Harry Potter wants to know.

Maybe it’s time to pack your bags and visit with cheap tickets to Edinburgh, then?

  1. Leavesden Studios

The famous Leavesden studios, where Warner Bros. is presently located; Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, which is undoubtedly the place that every fan of Harry Potter dreams of knowing.

The reason is quite simple: part of the most magical years of Harry Potter happened there.

Since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the magic of the cinema has happened there. Hundreds of film shots were shot there; the cast of the movie grew there.

And as if all this nostalgia was not enough, there is a museum dedicated to Harry Potter, where fans can visit both the rooms where everything about the film was created and the scenes in which the scenes were recorded.

  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The theme park, which has already undergone an expansion, is an almost perfect replica of what we have in the Harry Potter films, which makes it possible to really feel the magic of the universe.

They are actually two parks: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter , where we have Hogsmead with all its stores and the school of Hogwarts , and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley , where we have a representation of King’s Cross and the Alley diagonal.

  1. The Elephant House

It is remarkable the love that all fans of Harry Potter have for its author: JK Rowling. The Scottish Cafe The Elephant House is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it was here that JK Rowling wrote many pages of his books.

As you all know, it was on a train trip from Exeter to Manchester that ideas popped into the head of the author, but it was only at The Elephant House that they were transcribed in a narrative form. How great it would it be to visit with cheap flights to sit in the same place where Harry Potter created life!

  1. King’s Cross

King’s Cross is where the magic of books and movies meet. The famous train station located in London is the gateway from the real world to the fantastic world, and soon means a lot to the fans.

Being fundamental in the plot of the books and in the recording of the films, to visit the station where it embarks for the Express of Hogwarts must transmit nostalgia without equal.

Although the film was recorded between platforms four and five, for reasons of better adaptation, the Station already recognised the success of Harry Potter.

  1. Lacock Abbey

Built in the 13th century, Lacock Abbey in England is a place that was also used as a location for the first Harry Potter films.

The warming room of the Abbey was used as a Defence Room against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, while the Abbey sacristy was used as the Potions room in the same film.

The Chapter House in the Abbey was used in both the first and second films, representing the room where the mirror of Ojesed and the room in which Harry did an exercise, respectively.

For some, knowing some of these places are just a dream, but for others, this can come true. All the magic of the Harry Potter films can be experienced knowing these places, knowing that the cast went by and left their marks in that place.

So, what would be the place of your preference to know? Share with us, and we hope all this magic works!

The above content is written by Yousuf A. Raza. He is a professional blogger and content writer who writing for different blogs as a guest author. Currently, He is working as a digital marketing expert at Dream World Travel, Ltd. You can catch him at Facebook & Twitter.


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