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5 Best Shopping Streets in Hong Kong

No matter from which continent or nation ladies come from, their eyes twinkle as they land in Hong Kong as this is the place where every fashion need is met.

Since ages, it has been noted for its up-to-date fashion trends that are within the budget. Keeping up the tradition, the city offers many international and local brands within the countless shopping malls and street-side shops.

The other best part, streets have as many factory outlets and wholesale malls as the retail shops itself. Traditional wear, fashion clothing, wardrobe accessories and other ladies’ essentials can be bought with ease and convenience.

Well, don’t forget to purchase renowned Hong Kong brands such as G2000, Giordano and Bossini that come very economical. 

Well, having said this, we know we have eased your burden on the purse. To ease your expenses even more you can fly Cathay Pacific from Chicago to Hong Kong.

Upon reaching Hong Kong here are the places dear women to shop to your heart content.  

Temple Street Night Market

This is the Hong Kong’s liveliest and largest night market both for fun & shopping. Even if shopping isn’t in your list, visit this street to get the maximum fun out of your Hong Kong tour.

Mouth-watering food, street performances and buzzing vibes all through the place are guaranteed here. There are unique products like handicrafts, jade article, tea sets, trinkets, antiques, embroidered & tailored Chinese jackets and other clothing material that you can shop for personal use or gifting your near and dears.

Usually, all the shops sell material and items of the same quality and design but your toughest challenge is to bargain and make the most out of less money. 

Granville Road

This is the street that offers you affordable and trendy fashion. Youth fashion is at its best here. Millennials can find stylish & designer clothing.

Other accessories like bags, shoes and watches are countless and selecting one from petite fashion boutiques is a difficult task. It is the place that houses all the latest fashion and beauty choices from Asia’s best fashion hubs such as Korea, Japan & India.

There are nearly 20 factory outlets that sell branded products at discounted & reasonable prices. One can expect best shoes and clothing from Alena, Hang Ten, Apex, Millies Shoes, Stock Mark, Union Shoes, Westwood, Vigo Fashion, Sample Nook, YOU YU Shoes and Mass Mass.

Fa Yuen Street

It is rightly heaven for sports shoes. Even called the sneaker street, it is the hangout zone for Hong Kong youngsters who are on the hunt for sports footwear.

If you miss this, you will definitely miss out the best sportswear as it has been the hub for this kind of shopping since 1980. Every brand here is genuine and you can trust these sellers. Locally made affordable and durable shoes to costliest brands like Jordan is what you get here.

You get shoes from Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, K-Swiss, Reebok, New Balance and Merrell. The street has good offerings to both men and women. Guys, you shouldn’t be missing out on buying electronic gadgets and sports shoes and girls don’t miss buying fashion stuff.

Asian styled ladies’ fashion dresses, belts, hats and handbags are cool here. Prices usually start from $10 for shoes, $8 for a dress and $3 for camera bags.

Cat Street

This is the best zone to purchase low priced antiques. Unlike neighboring Hollywood Street which only sells high quality & high-priced antiques, this street sells reasonably priced genuine antiques and curios.

Snuff bottles, silk, jade, embroideries, vintage postcards, wooden artworks and posters of Bruce Lee movies are worth your time & shopping. Visiting this street will satisfy your appetite for unusual books, Hong Kong postcards, posters and pictures.

Duty-free products such as the Middle East carpets and Chinese ceramics are affordable here. 

Golden Computer Center & Golden Computer Arcade

This is Mecca for technology products especially for tailored computers that are built upon request and order. Tailored computers are very less priced here. Every dream computer of yours is made here.

RAM, mainboard, graphic card, hard disk, sound card, monitor and other computer essentials are tailored and customized. No matter whether you want a computer for gaming or graphics you have it done here. The street also sells all the latest games.

In addition to these, you also have Ladies Street that’s exclusive for women fashion & essentials. So, dear ladies make sure you visit these special streets of yours when in Hong Kong.