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5 Things To Do In Houston For Travelers To Include In Their Itinerary

They say there is no problem here in Houston! From the highly-rated Houston Children’s Museum to the iconic space research center, the populous city of Texas spoils you with choices. No wonder it is known as the “tourist magnet” because of everything it has to offer. 

With all the museums and galleries, Houston is a place that you cannot miss. On the one hand, you can enjoy glasses of wine, and on the other, you can dance at a palpitating nightclub. Here is our list of 5 things you can do which can make you explore the Texan city to its fullest. 

  1. Roam at Hermann Park 

If you want to roam out and about like a local, you must take a trip to Hermann Park in Houston. On the Houstoning website, you will find a special mention of this 445-acre park that borders several universities, attractions, institutions, and neighborhoods. The park has green spaces aplenty, and it appeals to people of all ages. 

You will have a gala time pedal boating, exploring the walking trails, golfing, and taking a railroad ride with the kids. Hermann Park boasts gorgeous golf courses, gardens, lakes, picnic areas, pavilions, and playgrounds. What’s more, this park also houses the Houston Zoo that you cannot miss. 

Keeping aside the zoo, you can also visit the Miller Outdoor Thater and McGovern Centennial gardens here. We cannot stress enough on soaking in the beauty of the woodland garden and rose garden that features over 50 species of flowers and trees. 

  1. Live your space dream at Houston’s Space Center.

The gigantic building sprawling 250000 square feet at the 2101 NASA Parkway has the Johnson Space Center.  If you are a space fanatic and would love to explore the interactive exhibits and space artifacts, you have to come here. 

Some of the major attractions of the place include the exhibit of “Mission Mars,” where you can touch rocks from Mars. There is a replica of the Space Shuttle Independence where you can gape at the spacesuit exhibits and the Starship Gallery filled with moon rocks. 

If you are visiting on a Friday, you can even meet an astronaut as the center still functions as a significant space center for research and personal training. The primary draw of the place is that it offers free admissions. 

  1. Visit the Natural Science Museum

The 430000 square feet space of the Natural Science Museum offers permanent exhibits. You can explore everything from sapphires, rubies, and sparkling emeralds in the gem vault to dinosaur fossils in the paleontology section. The broad selection of human-made and natural objects in the curiosities cabinet will blow your mind too. 

Built-in 1909, this museum has a phenomenal collection of huge-sized Quetzalcoatlus and skeleton mounts of four large Tyrannosaurus Rex. Every year, more than 2 million tourists flock to the museum, and the number is only rising with each passing year. A grasshopper-themed clock is waiting to sway you at the entrance. You will be amazed to see the grasshopper’s legs synchronize with the declining seconds. 

  1. Befriend marine creatures at the Downtown Aquarium 

The Downtown Aquarium is located on a site of 2.4 hectares and shelters over 200 species of marine animals. If you and your family is visiting then do drop by the Shark Voyage to undertake an underwater train ride. 

You will pass through an aquarium filled with 200,000 gallons of water with a vast array of sea creatures and the ocean’s most ruthless predators. There are fine-dining spots in this aquarium where you can savor delicious food and satiate your hunger cravings. 

  1. Experience nightlife and shop till you drop at Houston

The best thing about Houston is the vibrant nightlife scene here. After having explored a museum after sunset, you can enjoy a drink at a busy pub, far away from the crowd’s cacophony. You can also visit a cocktail bar to enjoy a musical night while sipping on your favorite poison. 

Later, you can head to the Galleria, this “humongous mall” that houses upscale brands like Prada, Chanel, and Gucci. You can shop here or dine to your heart’s content. We would recommend wearing comfy shoes as this 2.4 million square feet mall requires you to walk a lot to explore it in its entirety.


You can spend time gawking at the street murals in Houston if you have an affinity for street graffiti. Or, you can also head to the Houston zoo to greet the giraffes, bats, otters, and elephants. Check out all the exciting things you can do in Houston and add them to your itinerary without delays.