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5 Tips for Traveling and Exploring Cities at Night

Traveling to another place is accompanied by sightseeing and going through some of the city’s most important venues. Most tourists would try to visit everything during the day, missing the magic many cities offer at night.

Going somewhere in the summer, when it’s hot, means that these day walks may be exhausting and even dangerous for some. Instead of going through the asphalt at 40+ degrees Celsius (104 F), it’s wise to do it at night when it’s cool and quiet.

Some cities also have a lot to offer during the night. The lights on their most notable buildings, bridges, and historical monuments can be tremendous and fun to visit. This is why many people opt for night walks instead of doing them during the day.

Day walks and night travels are entirely different from a safety aspect too. Weather is not a problem at night, but you need to be careful because you can’t see properly. In this article, we’re sharing five tips to help you handle night travels as better as possible.

people walking on road near well-lit buildings

1. Always wear a flashlight

If you know you will be traveling by night, it’s best to pick and buy flashlights online. Choose one that will be powerful enough to illuminate everything surrounding you but small enough to carry in your pocket. Some parts of the city may not be bright enough, and you’ll want to stay safe by using a flashlight.

A flashlight in your hand is also a powerful weapon. If someone tries to take something from you, the aluminum flashlights are most commonly made from, will hurt the attacker just enough for you to run to safety and keep them immobile for some time. In other words, keep a flashlight on you when going through cities at night.

2. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going

At night, cities are different than during the day. There are so many dangers lurking out there. Before going anywhere, it’s wise to learn a thing or two about the city and be sure that you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re getting to your destination.

If you’re going by public transport, learn where the bus or the train will leave you, and how much you need to walk. Make sure you’re going through well-lit areas and places with many people. Try not to be alone at any moment and risk being robbed or attacked.

3. Have a local with you

The best thing to do when going through a city you’re unfamiliar with is to have a local with you. Locals know the surroundings and will know which places you should avoid and where it is best to spend your time exploring and sightseeing.

Not all places are magnificent at night, and no matter how much research you do before visiting a place, you can’t know everything. A local will know what you’re missing, and together, you can have some fun enjoying the city and its wonders at night.

4. Leave the camera in the hotel room

At night, it is dark, and your camera will surely not take any spectacular photos. It is best to leave the camera in your hotel room and enjoy the sights by yourself. There’s always something interesting to do and see, and if you really want to make a memory in a digital format, then the smartphone will be there for you.

All cameras work and take pictures only if there’s enough light surrounding the area. No matter how illuminated the city is, it will never replace natural light. This is why it’s wise to leave your camera in your hotel room and enjoy the lightweight travel.

5. Fill the backpack with essentials and be prepared for anything

Many cities around the world will have their shops closed at dusk. If you’re hungry, you’ll need to look for a restaurant, and you might not even have a place to shop for a bottle of water. Instead of being in awe until you return to your hotel room, you should pack some essentials.

Get a lightweight backpack and store some essential items inside. A bottle of water, some energy bars, or something that will keep you full for the rest of the evening. You can also take some clothes with you because you can never be sure if the weather becomes chilly.


These few points are essential for your night travels in another city. If you’re not a local or have never been to a place before, you surely don’t know the customs there. Be fully prepared for anything and take the challenge.

If you do everything on the list, you’ll have a wonderful time and make lifetime memories. Cities are different at night, so it’s wise to have a look at them at least once when it’s dark.