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5 Tips For Traveling To Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations in all of Italy.

tips for lake como

How pretty is Lake Como, huh?

Though this is not something new, I’m sure that you’re eager to know the best time to get there, in addition to a list of beautiful things to do in Lake Como. Here’s a few tips that will help you make the most of your visit.

1. Plan your stay from April to June

Holidays in Lake Como are lovely all times of the year, but when it comes to choosing the right season, springtime is probably the best. Streets are not as crowded with tourists as they are in summer, and temperatures are perfect for walking (around 16°-20° C). However, if you wish to have a swim in the lake, you’d better visit Lake Como in the summer.

2. Take a boat trip

Do I really have to say it? Lake Como boat trips are absolutely a must-do for each visitor! Wherever your accommodation is, you will have the chance to go aboard a ship and take a tour that you’ll never forget. Almost every town on the shores of Lake Como provides a boat landing, where you can also buy your ticket and ask for any information. Once you are aboard, just relax and enjoy the view of the ancient villas and towns that populate Lake Como’s shores.

3. Don’t get stuck in your town!

I know that, once you have seen Bellagio, it’s so hard to leave for another destination. Don’t make this mistake! Lake Como is indeed full of charming towns, each with its own history and characteristics. While you’re planning your trip, think of at least 2 or 3 more towns that you wish to see, and try to arrange a tour. For instance, if you want to visit Tremezzo, why don’t you plan a visit to the nearby Menaggio or Gravedona?

4. Visit at least one popular villa

If you come to Lake Como between mid-March and mid-November, you will have the chance to visit most of its popular villas. Here are a few names that I suggest you to search on Google: Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa Balbianello, and Villa Monastero. Choose the one that you prefer, and prepare to be amazed.

5. Have an unforgettable dinner

If you’re traveling with your partner, you should look for a restaurant overlooking Lake Como. Some of them are quite expensive, but it’s worth the money. There’s nothing better than tasting some local delicacies (such as lake fish or pizzoccheri), while admiring the dim lights of the town on the opposite shore.

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