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5 Must Visit U.S. Cities For A Weekend Trip

The United States isn’t quite what it used to be from a tourism perspective, at least for now. With the exception of Canada, tourism to the U.S. is down from every region in the world since Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

This isn’t to make a political point, but rather to state a simple reality regarding tourism numbers. And because of these numbers, it’s easy to look at the whole country as being in something of a slump.

That may be the case, but travellers should also keep in mind that the U.S. is a very big country, and parts of it are actually getting more appealing for tourists. So keeping that in mind and also considering a few cities beyond the typical recommendations, here are some cities you might want to put on your travel list.

1. Orlando, Florida


Thanks to Disney World and the surrounding parks, Orlando is a popular destination both for Americans and tourists visiting from abroad. But it’s worth noting that the city is actually becoming a bigger and better attraction fairly steadily.

The new theme park based on the world of Harry Potter has been a resounding success in recent years, and Star Wars-themed parks are on the way. Additionally, the Disney parks recently made the announcement that they’d begin serving alcohol at bars and restaurants, making the whole area a little bit more of a draw for all ages, as opposed to just families with children.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a major draw in the winter for people who want to experience arguably the best state in the U.S. for skiing. Beyond that it’s simply a pleasant mountain city during the colder months, and is in close proximity to a lot of smaller towns.

Of late however Denver has undergone something of a project to revitalize its downtown area, which should ultimately make it more of an attraction in and of itself. Among major U.S. cities it already has a unique character, and should be high on anyone’s list.

3. Atlantic City, New Jersey


Atlantic City has long been viewed as a sort of cheaper alternative to Las Vegas, in that it’s primarily known for its casino resort scene. That scene happens to be getting better however.

It’s been built up over the years to something a little more impressive than its reputation and the city is now about to open a new venue on its Boardwalk, which should be a major attraction (in the form of a massive Hard Rock casino). Throw in the fact that the beach atmosphere around Atlantic City is somewhat underrated and it’s a very appealing destination.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

Somewhat like Denver, Memphis is a very cool city that’s being built up and improved even more. Massive projects are underway to establish more walking and biking paths around the city, as well as to construct new entertainment venues.

This should all save to make the city a little bit more accommodating, after which more visitors will hopefully be able to enjoy the vibrant and enjoyable character that’s been established in Memphis for years.

5. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is something of a deceptively pleasant city to begin with, but it too is in the midst of a growth project that’s going to make it more of a destination. For the most part, this project concerns the whiskey and bourbon businesses that have long been associated with Louisville.

It is once again becoming the capital of bourbon distilleries in the U.S., and an area known as “Whiskey Row” is being revitalized with new places to hang out and enjoy food and drink. Additionally, while it’s not in the works just yet, Louisville is attempting to secure an NBA team, which would further boost the city in all kinds of ways.