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5 Ways To Earn Money Whilst Travelling

To travel you need money. But could travelling lead to money?

No really, it’s possible to earn money whilst travelling! Travelling could end up paying for your travels…

Here are 5 ways to earn money as a travelling digital nomad!

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Start a travel blog

Why just share your adventures with your friends and family on Facebook? Starting a travel blog couldn’t be simpler. Create a WordPress site, upload your stories, photos and videos and tell the world about what you’ve seen and done.

Once you develop a readership, you can begin to earn money from online advertising and affiliate links! Or if you’re a really great photographer, why not try and sell your photos?

Take a trip to the casino! Sort of…

Whether you’re lucky or just Rain Man, everyone can try to make money at the casino. While you could look for your nearest casino, online casino gaming offer an easy way to make some extra money when suits you. Play day or night and anywhere you can get an internet connection. Look out for welcome bonuses and promotions to get you started. And you can be sure to win real money with internet casinos

Become a language teacher

Got a one or two-year visa? If you’re planning on staying put in one place for a length of time, why not apply for a job teaching your native language? Not only are you earning a wage, you’re also helping young children!

Of course, teaching isn’t restricted to languages. You might have a special talent like playing a musical instrument or sport… the options are endless!


The main advantages of freelancing are flexibility and being able to advertise to the world online, all from the comfort of your home – ideal for the digital nomad!

Fivver is a job posting website for all varieties of work, including graphic design and writing – this could tie in nicely with your travel blog!

Summer camps

Looking to get away to sunnier climates and work on your tan but can’t afford it?

As long as you don’t mind not being able to explore your destination, becoming a summer camp guide offers a great alternative to soak up some rays at little expenditure. It also means you have a place to stay!

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