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6 Most Extreme Destinations around the World

There are two kinds of travelers in the world. First, the regular vacationers who seek out for the typical holiday destinations such as enticing beaches or historical sites, and then, there are the brazen adventurers who are fascinated by harsh and severe environments.

They are always on the lookout for destinations where the conditions are simply not suitable for human inhabitation or travel. But being the perseverance mortals that we are, we always manage to survive on such hostile terrains. Listed here are 6 such extreme spots across the globe which would lure any adventure traveler to grab a cheap flight ticket and unearth these truly breathtaking places.

Yakutsk, Russia – World’s Coldest City

Located in the Russian federal district of Sakha Republic, Yakutsk is known to be the coldest city in the world with an annual mean temperature of 16.16 ° Fahrenheit. However, the number might seem to deceive in summers as the season brings relatively warm months during which the temperature may even exceed 86° Fahrenheit and thus making the city come alive. This means that during the long winters the temperature often dips below to -40° Fahrenheit with the record lowest temperature is marked at -83.92° Fahrenheit.

The locals in the winter months spend as less time as possible outside their homes, and when they do hit the road, they are bundled in their heaviest woolen clothing or animal furs and are sipping vodkas from a thermos. When venturing on a vehicle, they have to keep them running all day to keep the battery from dying and thus also putting a lock on the steering wheel.

Kuwait City, Kuwait – World’s Hottest City

The capital city of Kuwait, Kuwait City is recognized as the hottest city in the world with a yearly mean high temperature of 93.74° Fahrenheit. The months of June, July and August record for an average high between 113°-116° Fahrenheit. The nearby town of Sulaibya holds the record for the highest temperature ever registered in Asia at (128.8º F). Going out in this heat can be fatal. In the summer months, the government sets an outdoor work ban between 11 am to 4 pm.

Some of the common spots the residents head to during the summertime are ‘Aqua Park,’ the largest Water Park in Persian Gulf, ‘The Avenues,’ the largest shopping mall in the country, where you can find many western outlets such as Texas Roadhouse, Dolce & Gabbana, Footlocker, etc.

Aswan, Egypt –World’s Driest City

River Nile is the only source of water in Aswan, as the city receives even less than 1/16th of an inch of rainfall, thus making Aswan the driest city in the world. Despite a lack of precipitation, Aswan still has access to water.

The city is located on river Nile and just south of the city is located the largest rock-filled dam in the world, the High Dam or commonly known as Aswan Dam which leads to the creation of the largest manmade water body in the world, Lake Nasser.

Buenaventura, Colombia – World’s Wettest City

Buenaventura is the largest port city in Colombia receiving more than 20 feet of rain annually. Most of the neighborhoods located on the waterfront of Golfo Tortugas are built on stilts and primarily compose of shacks.

Buildings situated far from the bay around the undulating hills are an array of occasional crumbling wooden façade, weather worn concrete and corrugated steel roofs and awnings, all rotten due to the constant rainfall and moisture in the air.

Iquitos, Peru, – World’s Least Accessible City

Also known as ‘Capital of the Amazon,’ the only way to reach Iquitos is by plane or boat as no road connects to this city of Amazon. Located at an approximate distance of 3,600 km from the Amazon River, small shops reach here from the Atlantic Ocean, or short flights from Panama City, Peru or Lima.

The city is so remote that only a few cars have been transported here. The locals rely on rickshaws and buses for transportation.

El Alto, Bolivia – World’s Highest City

Located in the Altiplano plain regions of Bolivia, EL Alto lies at 4,150 meters above the sea level. The city started in the 20th century as an inconveniently placed slum of the administrative capital of Bolivia, La Paz, situated in the valley below.

It has since gone past La Paz in terms of population and size and now is the second most populous and the fastest growing city in the country with a population of near about 1.2 million residents approximately. Visiting the Bolivian city in the off-season more than doubles your odds of scoring some great last minute flight deals.

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