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Disadvantages Of Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is not for everybody.

In fact, there are those who have never traveled alone and have no plans of doing such. There’s wisdom to why you shouldn’t go solo. Here are some solid reasons for sharing your journey with someone.

1) Traveling alone is expensive

You need to shoulder everything – down to the last penny. There is virtually no opportunity to split the costs.

2) Traveling alone is risky

You may not feel as safe as when you have a company who can watch your back for you and vice versa. Traveling in groups is dangerous enough because you don’t know what unfortunate events you’ll experience along the way. What more when it comes to traveling by yourself?

3) Traveling alone is boring

If you are not a sociable person, the trip may get bored as quickly as you imagine or want it to be. It can even get lonely at times. Yes, you might befriend other solo travelers, but the connection may not thrive. You may see them on Facebook. Put simply, there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet them again unless you two are going to plan the next possible trip.

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4) Traveling alone is self-serving

Since you have no company, you have no one to share the experience with especially right at the moment. Travel has its perks. First is the experience itself and second is the memory. When you get older, you won’t be able to reap the reward of talking about the trip several years after it is over. Also, you’ll be taking pictures of either yourself or some total strangers. When you show it to the people you love, they won’t really appreciate. The experience will live inside of you. You. Alone.

5) Traveling alone is rangebound

There are certain things that you cannot do. For one, you cannot go to the loo without towing all your things otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing all of them. This brings us to another argument that when exploring places, you cannot take as many things as you should or talk about and share your thoughts about that particular place. Take your camera, for example. All you can carry with you is your mobile phone to take a selfie. If not, you need to ask the person next to you to take your picture, tempting pickpockets in the process.

6) Traveling alone is sluggish

When you’ve had enough alone time and the travel days aren’t exhausted yet, there’ll be no one to push you to go to one more destination. It’s easy to laze around when you are alone. No one will tell you to push for more when you know to yourself you may never get the chance to experience those things again. This scenario alone can heighten the experience that you are actually depriving yourself of.

Put simply, traveling is only good when it is shared.

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