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6 Times Friend And Foe Of The Podcast Jared Thompson ‘Went There’

Jared Thompson, the original creator of Stand By Your Band and owner of the Comedy Attic in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana, is famous for his takedowns on the bands and artists covered on the podcast and for his Mount Rushmore of bad bands – 311, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Barenaked Ladies.

But there are 6 times when he didn’t hold back on the band (and sometimes guest) that would make even the Wolf of Dog Street and the Prince of Snarkness wince.

Paris Hilton/Ashley Simpson (with Emmy Blotnick)

A man of the people, Jared went to the streets for this one.

Sublime (with Tim McLaughlin)

Good music taste runs in the family.

Staind (with Shane Torres)

Shane Torres, headlining soon at Borty’s.

Spin Doctors (with Joe Zimmerman)

Looking like an asshole.

Kid Rock (with Will Winner & Mike Abrusci)

Leave me alone, don’t ever talk to me.

This isn’t the only time the guest has clapped back…

Moonstruck Soundtrack (with Jo Firestone)

It’s about time someone stood up to Jared. #showfoe

Does Jared fear anyone? Possibly one guest…

Reggae Covers (with Kyle Kinane)

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