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7 Best Front Bike Seats For Toddlers & Young Kids In Nz

Sometimes you’d want to take your toddler on a bike ride with you but holding them while riding a bike is not an option as it could negatively affect you and misbalance you as well. That is why installing a bike seat would be the best thing you can do! 

There are different kinds of bike seats available for young kids and toddlers and if you’re not sure what kind of kids bike seat front would be best for you then don’t worry. Keep reading and find out the best 7 bike seats for toddlers and young kids in NZ. 

baby's black and red bike seat
Photo by Alyssa Stevenson on Unsplash

Peg Perego Orion

The Peg Perego Orion is probably the best budget front bike seat for kids and toddlers. It costs around $90 and can be used by kids of the age of up to 12 months or kids weighing up to 33lbs. It is very comfortable and easy to use as it attaches to the head type of the bike making it a great alternative for the bikes having no room for a mounting bracket. 

Thule Ride Along Mini

Thule RideAlong Mini is one of the best overall front bike seats for kids and toddlers as it is probably the safest and comfortable bike seat available. It has easily adjustable should straps, color-coded buttons, and also has a handle to keep the hands of your kid occupied. 

Hamax Observer

Hamax Observer is the best option for petite kids and parents. It can carry kids of age up to the age of 1 year or kids weighing up to 33lbs. It has easy-to-adjust, non-slipping shoulder straps which are padded with 3 point harness. It is narrower than compared to most of the bike seats in this list and takes less space. 

Do Little

Do Little is the best for bikes with top tubes less than 2” wide. It features a soft and padded saddle with footrests. Although it doesn’t have any handlebars or grips available for the kids. It comes with an adapter that helps it fit the non-mountain bike-style frames easily. 

Mac Ride 

Mac Ride is the best seat for toddlers to install and remove from mountain bikes with ease, It comes with a cradle-shaped seat that helps the kid to stay in place.  It also has adjustable footrests and you can also add mini handlebar grips as well to help toddlers sit comfortably. 

Tyke Toter

Tyke Toter is one of the best and easiest mount seats for kids and toddlers for standard bikes. It doesn’t have any weight limit because of its innovative and minimal yet durable design. Although there a few limitations, it requires at least 1.75 inches of clearance on the seat post for you to mount the seat. 

Thule Yepp Mini

Thule Yepp Mini has great back ventilation and effective foot straps with variable height footrests making the toddler stay comfortable in the seats. Thule is a pioneer in making bike seats so you can expect the best comfort and quality from Thule Yepp Mini. It can support kids aged up to 12 months or weighing 33lbs

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