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7 Best Places to Visit an Hour from Paris

Are you planning a week-long vacation in Paris? In addition to the wonders of the city, the neighborhoods, and curious places you have time to take a tour around the city.

It is for this reason that we have created a guide to the seven places that deserve to be seen a few kilometers from Paris.

1. Domaine de Chantilly

A very romantic princely castle surrounded by a moat. You can enjoy the interiors and elegant rooms full of art works and precious manuscripts. The huge garden that surrounds the property is worth a walk, as well as the golf courses and horse racing tracks. Do not miss the Horse Museum and royal stables.

2. Domaine de Sceaux

Domaine de Sceaux is an ideal place for a relaxing picnic in one of the large green spaces away from the city chaos. The property is made up of several buildings: Castle, Orangerie, Pavillon de l’Aurore, Petit Château, and stables. Visiting them is a real walk in the history of France.

3. Chartres

Chartres town, founded by the Gauls and fortified in the Middle Ages, has maintained its magnificence. Lose yourself in the seats of the upper city, where you will make a real leap back in time among the ancient buildings. You can enjoy the market, Eure river, and what remains of this enchanting village with its charming bridges and mills. A must visit is to the Cathedral, where King Henry IV was crowned.

4. Vaux Le Vicomte

One of the excursions worth making from Paris is to this incredible 17th-century Baroque palace. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by an avenue of 1400 meters. Erected by the finance minister of Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet, who brought together the best artists of the time to build this wonderful castle. The palace is located about 50 km southeast of Paris.

5. Versailles Palace

With its splendid palaces, rooms, and gardens, the Versailles Palace is one of the must-visit attractions just outside Paris. During the summer months, you can attend Musical Fountains, and water jets that follow the rhythm of the music. You can visit its most beautiful rooms such as Opera, Royal Chapelle, Hall of Mirrors, Hall of Hercules and Orangery which are the location for concerts and ballets. Read how to visit Versailles Palace.

6. Giverny

On the right Seine bank, Giverny is known to the world thanks to Claude Monet paintings who lived in this small town from 1883 until his death. The Giverny Impressionism Museum every year two to three temporary exhibitions that bring together the greatest names of Impressionism, in particular those of the colony of Giverny painters and Seine Valley. Visit the painter’s beautiful house and garden he made famous where you will find the water lily pond and famous “Japanese” bridge.

7. Palace of Fontainebleau

It is the only royal and imperial castle inhabited for centuries and is today an exceptional example of history and art. Fontainebleau owns one of the most important collections of antique furniture in France and preserves an exceptional collection of paintings, sculptures and art objects from 6th to 19th century. One of the building’s symbols is the famous horseshoe staircase in the Palace of Fontainebleau.

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