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7 Holiday Destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Seeing the world and experiencing the most luxurious and decadent resorts and getaways should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here are seven destinations that are all worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime visit and some of the things you can do when you get there.

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Skiing In Switzerland

Holidays in a winter wonderland are very special. Sunny beaches and crystal clear seas may be what most people imagine when they think of a bucket list holiday, but do not discount the magic of snowy mountains and frozen lakes.

Switzerland is an amazing country by itself. Zurich and Geneva are two amazing cities filled with culture, food and unique entertainment, but it is the Swiss skiing resorts that really stand out as holiday destinations in the country. The ski holidays here are legendary for the quality of the snow on the slopes and the hospitality in the ski resorts.

There is more to do than just skiing, so if you don’t fancy spending a week on the slopes you will still find plenty to do. Check out the town of Verbier on Ski Line ski holidays for an amazing ski holiday at one of the luxury ski resorts there. You can find some fantastic deals on ski holidays with Ski Line.

A Voyage Along The Nile

Egypt is one of the world’s most fascinating countries, with a history and culture that stretches back millennia. The Pyramids of Giza are one of the wonders of the world, and it is impossible to imagine just how majestic and awe-inspiring they are in person.

The Pyramids are not the only thing this amazing country has to offer. Cairo is one of the most fascinating and culturally rich cities in the world, with markets and bazaars that have been operating for centuries. This city serves as the perfect beginning to a luxury cruise down the Nile.

Your voyage will include stops at the Pyramids as well as the towering statues of the Abu Simbel temple, the Kom Ombo temple, and the cities of Amarna and Aswan; all are incredible sights that will stay in your memory forever.

See The Northern Lights In Iceland

Iceland is a unique island. There is nowhere else on this Earth that has a mix of fire, ice, culture, and a regular astronomical event that is a feast for the eyes which belongs on everyone’s bucket list. The island is uniquely positioned too, almost perfectly between Europe and North America.

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a naturally occurring light show that can be seen in the far reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. Highly energised particles from the sun travelling at colossal speeds hit the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere and can be seen from areas surrounding the Arctic Circle. These particles display vivid colours that shoot across the stars like meteors and fill the sky like illuminated gas clouds.

There is much more on offer in Iceland than the Northern Lights. Its natural hot springs create beautiful lagoons of warm and cleansing waters that are one of the world’s top tourist attractions and belong on any bucket list. You can begin your day with a soothing soak and end it with an evening beneath an interplanetary light show.

Journey Through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

This part of the world is truly tranquil once you get away from the bustling metropolis of Hanoi and deeper into the countryside of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The mix of French colonial architecture, rich Asian culture, and traditional Buddhist temples make this area unique.

The scenery is the star in this part of Asia. Across the three countries, you can find mist-covered mountains with tropical jungles at their feet, patchworks of rice-paddy fields backing up white sandy beaches, and picturesque coastlines dotted with pleasant villages that seem frozen in time.

History is one of the biggest tourist attractions here. The civilisations in this area settled here over two thousand years ago, and many of their traditions and architecture have remained unchanged. There is also the more recent history of the conflict in Vietnam that spilt over to Cambodia and Laos and the chaos that followed. There are lots of things to discover here for history buffs with a holiday bucket list.

Chill Out And Relax In A Luxury Caribbean Resort

This type of holiday should already be on everyone’s bucket lists. Spending a week or two in a luxury resort with every modern convenience imaginable and a private beach just footsteps away is most people’s idea of a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

The resorts in the Caribbean have an amazing reputation for luxury and decadence, and for creating an atmosphere that melts away the stresses and strains of life and helps you leave your worries behind you. If you enjoy cloudless skies and sunshine and picturesque beaches where you can spend all day lounging, tanning, and being waited on by attentive staff then you need a holiday here.

There are plenty of islands and resorts to choose from, but Jamaica and the Dominican Republic stand out from the crowd. The resorts on these islands are second to none, and the experience of walking along their beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Get Off The Beaten Track In Antarctica

This holiday is like no other. Cruising to Antarctica may not sound like much of a holiday but experiencing this epic journey will change your mind. The highlight of the trip is an excursion to the shores of the ice-covered continent where you can set foot on land that few humans have ever walked upon.

There is plenty to keep you entertained en route. On the journey, you will travel through waters that few vessels ever sail through and see rare marine life from the deck of your ice-expedition class cruise ship.

Various species of whales and dolphins often visit the vessels, curious about the interloper in their waters. The wildlife spotting does not end there. When you get closer to the coastline of Antarctica you will be greeted by the penguins and seals that are the continent’s only natural inhabitants.

Become A Pacific Island Castaway

For the ultimate holiday experience accept nothing less than the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. Nestled off the coast of Tahiti, this tropical archipelago is home to the finest and most exclusive resorts in the world.

The resorts here manage to balance the isolation of a deserted Pacific island with a level of luxury and decadence you would expect to find in a European palace. This helps make the island one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.

You will need to take a long-haul flight or two to get there. From Europe, your best route is through Los Angeles, which is a good excuse for an overnight stay in the city. The island of Bora Bora is still a nine-hour flight from there, but the journey is worth it. Your trip comes with a warning; you will not want to leave.

Each one of these amazing holidays will give you memories that will last you a lifetime. The unique experiences that each one offers mean that no two are the same. You can fill your holiday bucket list with all seven of these and never experience the same thing twice, except for the luxury and relaxation of a top-tier holiday destination.