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7 reasons to visit Cuba

Making Cuba your next travel destination

There’s never been a better time to get your Cuba visa and go on an adventure. If you’re not sure about the incredible things Cuba has to offer, here are just 7 of the many reasons you should make it a priority for your next big adventure. 

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1. It’s relatively unspoilt

Cuba has a fascinating history, and one element of it is that many of its political leaders have followed isolationist agendas. This means the country itself has spent many years with precious little exposure to the outside world, leading to a strong and very homegrown culture. 

2. The architecture

Many will be familiar with the unique looking architecture Cuba has to offer, particularly in its capital city of Havana. It’s truly like nowhere else in the world, and offers many miles of historical walks and vibrant culture to appeal to the adventurous tourist. 

3. A trip back in time

In 1960 Fidel Castro implemented a ban on American imports, leading the people of Cuba to have to make do with what they had. This has continued in the decades since, meaning a stroll down Cuban streets is to be transported back in time 60 years. The images of the classic American cars filling the streets are a true representation of life in Cuba today.

4. Living authentically

Airbnb has become a popular concept all over the world, but in Cuba the Casa Particular has been in place for many years already. This allows you to affordably rent a room in a Cuban resident’s home, be it a house or apartment, for a truly authentic taste of Cuban life.

5. Miles of beautiful beaches

Don’t forget that Cuba is a Caribbean island, and it benefits from the traditional Caribbean beaches. You can explore mile after mile of pristine sand with exquisite views out to the ocean, unspoilt as we described in an earlier point due to Cuba’s somewhat reclusive history. 

6. Wonderful weather

Another aspect of Cuba you would expect to see with a Caribbean island is excellent weather, and Cuba’s sub-tropical climate will not disappoint. Dry season lasts November to April, though with 300 average sunny days a year there’s never a bad time to go. 

7. Unique Cuban music 

Cuba’s vibrant beat of life extends to their national appreciation for music. Even strolling through the city streets, you can encounter some of the best musicians in the world expressing their passion and their heritage – it’s something that truly has to be experienced first-hand to be appreciated. 

These are just some of the very many reasons to consider visiting Cuba. If you’re thinking of going, consider investing in some stylish lightweight luggage to help you make the most of your weight allowances. If you’re going to Cuba, remember to pack your sun tan lotion and cool comfortable clothing – there’s so much to see and do, and the weather is so exquisite, you will definitely want to make the very most of it. 

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