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7 Services and Amenities to Look for in the Best Staycation Destination in Abu Dhabi

Going on holiday means getting the chance to unwind, have fun, pamper yourself, and indulge in great eats. And although you’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to do all these once you arrive at your destination, all the preparations you need to make for your vacation can be exhausting.

After all, whether you are going on holiday with your family or only your partner, and regardless of how long your vacation is, you’ll have to spend time packing and preparing for your trip.

However, there is a way for you to enjoy a stay at one of the top hotels in Abu Dhabi and get some much-needed rest and relaxation without getting stressed out and exhausted from all the preparations and planning: going on a staycation.

A staycation allows you to do away with packing plenty of clothes and other essentials and lugging heavy luggage. This means less stress and work on your part.

It is also a more affordable option since you won’t have to book a flight; after all, plane tickets can eat a large chunk of your holiday budget.

And since you don’t have to fly to your destination, you won’t have to feel stressed out with getting to the airport on time and experiencing delays and other flight-related problems.

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Finding the Perfect Hotel for Your Staycation

With fewer things to do to prepare for a staycation, you will have more time to look for the ideal accommodation.

If you want to stay at the perfect hotel for a memorable staycation in Abu Dhabi, look for these services and amenities:

  1. Premium rooms and suites

The best hotels have well-designed and planned rooms that appeal to your senses and have everything you need and want to feel at home even if you’re away from your home. 

The perfect accommodation for your staycation has plush, comfy, and ergonomic beds. It also has other luxurious and comfortable furniture pieces.

The ideal hotel rooms and suites for staycations have features and fixtures to make your stay comfortable and convenient. These include easy-to-use temperature control, free Wi-Fi, minibar, plasma TV with hundreds of channels, coffee machine, and complimentary towels and toiletries.

All these will make your staycation pleasant, comfortable, and convenient from check-in to check out.

  1. Ease of booking

Browsing through online photos of the rooms, amenities, and features of hotels near your home can help you create a shortlist of staycation accommodation options.

You can narrow down your list further by checking their booking processes.

Premier hotels have a straightforward, quick booking process, whether you book on their website, by email, or by phone. You should get the details you need to choose the ideal room and be able to reserve your preferred room easily.

Also, you should have an easy time contacting a knowledgeable staff who can answer all your questions and assist you with anything.

  1. Complete amenities

The ideal staycation resort destination has all the amenities you need to enjoy a true vacation.

Since Abu Dhabi has a weather perfect for various water sports and activities, your hotel should have a swimming pool. It will be a huge bonus if it is near a beach.

With these amenities, you can take a dip, engage in different water sports and activities, or relax by the pool anytime you want.

Additionally, a hotel with a well-designed and maintained garden gives you another place where you can unwind and get a breath of fresh air. You will also love taking photos of and selfies with the manicured landscape in the background.

If you don’t want to miss a day or two of your workout routine, make sure the hotel has a fitness centre with the equipment you usually use. If yoga or Pilates is part of your wellness regimen, find out if the gym offers these classes as well.

And to enjoy some “me time,” check if the hotel has an in-house spa where you can have your choice of massage and other body and facial treatments.

  1. Great in-house restaurants, cafes, and bars

Although exploring different restaurants in your destination is part of a fun getaway, not worrying about where and what to eat when you don’t want to go far from the hotel would be a huge perk.

As such, check the dining options available at your chosen hotel beforehand.

Your hotel should have a selection of restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences. If you want to enjoy a nightcap and put on your best resort wear at the end of the day, find out if it has an in-house bar or club.

Having different dining options in mind will make your staycation more memorable.

  1. Helpful on-site services

Aside from the basic services such as room service, laundry, turndown, and concierge services, if you are going on a staycation with your family or pets, you’ll need a few others to make your getaway more relaxing and less stressful.

Examples of these are babysitting and pet-sitting and dog walking services.

If the hotel does not provide these services, the staff should be able to refer providers that offer them.

The bottom line is that you should be able to get personalised services from the hotel if you need them.

  1. Accessibility to nearby popular attractions

If you want to take some time to explore popular landmarks and tourist attractions, before booking a room or suite, find out if the hotel is near these places.

By taking this into consideration, you will find it easier to get to these places and spend more time exploring them.

You will also be able to save money on transportation fees since you visit these attractions on foot. You can then use the extra cash for food and entertainment.

  1. Wonderful views from inside the room

Finally, aside from having a striking interior and appealing furnished accommodation, your room or suite should be able to give you great views of the surrounding sceneries.

These can be views of the beach, city, skyline, natural landmarks, and human-made structures surrounding the hotel.

When you can get amazing views whenever you look out your window or stay on your balcony, you have another place in your room or suite that can give your eyes a rest and help you relax.

Although there are other amenities, features, and services you may need during your staycation, if you have access to the ones listed here, you can experience a great, memorable getaway in Abu Dhabi without leaving the city.