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7 Things Your Beach Bag MUST Have

Summer will be here before you know it and with it the perfect weather for hitting the beach. Some might say you need nothing but a good swell and sparkling sand, but we think a day by the seashore is only as good as the items you bring with you. Of course you’ll need sunscreen and a towel, but make sure you save room in your beach bag for these coastal essentials.

Protective Lip Balm for a Sunburn-Free Smile

Image via Flickr by adrian valenzuela

We all remember to slather our arms, legs, and face with sunscreen, but what about our lips? These sensitive body parts are just as prone to sunburn as anywhere else. And they’ll certainly sting if they’re left unprotected. A tiny tube of protective lip balm can solve the problem. Look for a lip balm with an SPF 50 rating for the best protection. There are many plain versions that suit beachgoers of any gender, but fashion-conscious ladies may prefer a tinted balm. 

An Insulated Water Bottle to Keep Your Drink Cold

As you sweat it out in the sun, it’s important to stay hydrated. Most guides will tell you to bring a water bottle to avoid the sugary beverages sold at the beach, but a traditional bottle will warm quickly in the sun. Instead, look for an insulated bottle that will keep your drink cool all day long.

Granola Bars for All-Day Energy

If you want to keep your beach body, you probably want to avoid the concession stand when hunger pangs strike. Many healthy snacks will spoil after time spent in the sun, but granola bars will retain their quality. Not all bars are created equal, though, so make sure you choose a variety that’s low in sugar, high in fiber, and made with ingredients you recognize as real food. The best granola bars have 200 calories or less.

Granola bars are easily portable, so a few won’t take up a lot of real estate in your beach bag. Grab one whenever you need an energy boost.

Splash-Proof Speakers For Music on The Sand

Get your beach party started with some portable speakers. They work via Bluetooth, so you can use them to stream tunes from services like Pandora or Spotify or your favorite songs loaded onto a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Make sure you’re connected to a fast network with comprehensive coverage, like T-Mobile’s, for the best streaming experience. Be sure your speakers are splash-proof, because sea water and more basic models don’t mix.  

A Portable Battery Charger for Your Smartphone

A smartphone’s battery can wear down quickly during a day at the beach, especially if you’re working it hard by playing music and making calls. A portable battery charger makes sure you never get caught with a dead device. These slimline chargers can charge up your device from empty, often multiple times.

Protective Phone Case to Keep Your Smartphone Sand-Free

Sand has a habit of getting everywhere. When you find it inside your swimsuit, it’s a mild annoyance. But when it gets into your smartphone, it can be a disaster. Thankfully, it’s not too tricky to keep your smartphone sand-free. Just pop your phone into a protective cover like an OtterBox case. These cases are made to keep sand, dirt, dust, and other hazards out of your phone’s sensitive components. They can also protct your phone from drops and bumps, so you can breathe a little easier while you’re at the beach.

A Spare Pair of Underwear to Wear Home

It’s customary to wear your swimsuit or trunks to the beach underneath your clothes. But once you’ve taken a dip, sitting in soggy swimwear isn’t much fun. A spare pair of underwear can save the day. Store your spares in a plastic bag so they stay dry even if your beach tote gets splashed. You can then use the plastic bag to store your wet swimsuit or trunks for the trip home.

Sunscreen and towels are important, but they’re just a starting point. To really have fun on the coast this summer, make sure to also stash these essential items into your beach bag.

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