10 Best Music Podcasts & My Favourite Episodes on Spotify 2021

I’ve listened to 50+ music podcasts on Spotify, here are the best 10 and my favourite episodes!

The best music podcast about bands people make fun of you for

My favourite podcast ever, join Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara as they invite comedians to defend bands people make fun of. Everyone from Panic! At The Disco to Will Smith to n*sync…

Listen to this episode as Saurin Choksi and Lane Pieschel defend Ja Rule.


The best music podcast about songs that make you sad

Mike Carozza and Alex Kalenko, along with a guest, discuss a song that made them sad every week. Music to my emo ears.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There’s a lot of laughs, occasionally a Bouncy Boys episode (songs that made them happy in the week) and they end every episode with something that made them feel good (even if it’s just Hells Kitchen…).

Listen to this episode with the boys from Stand By Your Band!


The best music podcast analysing the biggest albums

I love Frank Ocean’s Xyz. But I never really analysed the lyrics before. My mind was blown at how clever they were.

Listen to this episode dissecting Bad Religion by Frank Ocean.

60 Songs That Explain The 90’s

The best music podcast about (you guessed it) the 90’s

Who can resist a bit of nostalgia? Revisit 90’s hits such as You Outta Know, Vogue and End Of the Road. Learn the history and the rise of each artist. If you enjoyed Netflix’s This Is Pop (which I did), you’ll love this.

Listen to this episode about Third Eye Blind’s Semi Charmed Life.

Song Exploder

The best music podcast where artists explain their songs

While Dissect speculates on lyrics, Song Exploder asks the artists what they really meant. Artists also break down the arrangement too which is super interesting.

Listen to this episode as The Shins discuss everything about New Slang.

And Introducing

The best music podcast recapping artist’s life

And Introduces focuses on the highs and lows of artist every episode and how they began their career.

Listen to the rise of Fiona Apple.

The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers

The best music podcast about the Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums

Josh Adam Meyers invites guests to talk about an album from Rolling Stones list.

It’s a great way to discover old music you never got round to. Some album inclusions might raise an eyebrow too, so it’s interesting to hear why people think it deserves a place on the list.

Listen to Megan Gailey talk about Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins

10 Songs That Made Me

The best music podcast where artists choose meaningful songs

I love hearing the songs and artists that influenced my favourite artists. 10 Songs That Made Me asks questions like.

It’s a great way of discovering new music.

Listen to this episode with Japanese Breakfast (no surprise she has great taste in music).

Ongoing History of New Music

The best music podcast about different eras of music

I don’t venture too far out of guitar music. So every day’s a school day listening to this podcast.

Listen to this episode of the rise and fall of Britpop.

Talkhouse Podcast

The best music podcast about bands people make fun of you for

Talkhouse pair artists together and have an unscripted conversation.

Listen to this episode with Michelle from Japanese Breakfast and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam.