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8 Easy Travel Workouts You Can Do Without Equipment

You work very hard to keep your body fit at home, but you tend to do nothing during your vacation, business trip or relocation.

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Sometimes, you are worried that you cannot find a gym during your trip and it will lose all of your processes. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. In today’s article, we will introduce to you some easy travel workouts that you can do during your trip without any equipment. Scroll down to learn more.

1. Workout 1: Dancing

Some people may live in a small room while they travel and be bored with working out. So, let’s start with some dancing. Turn on your beloved music and dance to the feelings of your heart. This is an effective way to burn calories and especially useful for food trippers.

2. Workout 2: Stair Stepping

This is a wonderful workout to do at home without any equipment. You can even do this at your room at the hotel, where there are no stairs. What you have to do is to put the biggest book you have in front of the TV and try to step up and down rhythmically while you are watching your favorite TV program. Repeating this exercise every day will make your body healthy and active.

3. Workout 3: 20-minute Cardio Circuit

This exercise includes four main steps: jumping lunges, wall sit with hands up, jumping squats, and plank rest. Do all of these steps in a minute and repeat them four times. Then, you do not need to worry about weight gain while traveling anymore.

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4. Workout 4: 100 Burpees

This easy exercise will help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your condition as it involves tons of muscle group to work together at a time. A burpee includes a push-up, a squat, an explosive jump, and a back to push-up again. Practicing this workout regularly also contributes to increasing metabolism and improving cardiovascular health. To sum up, it helps activate muscle and keep you healthy during your vacation.

5. Workout 5: 20 Push-Ups, 20 Squats, 20 Burpees, and 20 Pistol Squats

This exercise is much more complicated than the four above and among the most challenging workouts for travelers. According to scientists, doing a bodyweight workout during the vacation is essential, and you can do it yourself, without any gym equipment. Doing five rounds of this workout each day is enough.

6. Workout 6: 5 Handstand Push-Ups and 10 Pistol Squats

This advanced travel workout is ideal for those who are too familiar with basic squats and push-ups. These movements require more stability and strength of the practitioner. You should repeat as much as possible.

7. Workout 7: 100 Push-Ups, 100 Sit-Ups, and 100 Air Squats

This workout requires a high number of repetitions, which are all 100 for each exercise. Those with intensive fitness will not feel hard; however, it still needs a suitable partition to avoid muscle fatigue, as following:

  • Four rounds of 25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, 25 squats
  • Five rounds of 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats
  • Ten rounds of 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats

8. Workout 8: Plank

This exercise is for those who want to build their muscle while traveling. First, get into a push-up position and hold with your arms extended. You can start holding for 30 seconds and then increase 10 seconds each day. This is the hardest and most challenging exercise ever.

Above are the eight most useful travel workouts to apply while on vacation. They are all simple but very powerful. You can start with the simplest ones like stair stepping or dance, and then force yourself to do faster and harder movements. For yoga practitioners, doing yoga at least 15 minutes in the morning is essential to maintain good health and an alert body.

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