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8 Outfit Ideas for a Night Out in New Jersey

If you are planning a night out in New Jersey sometime soon, and really want to push the boat out without really knowing how to go about it, you have come to the right place! Here are eight great outfit ideas for a night out in New Jersey!

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Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is always fun, and if you can get your friends to go along with you, so much the better! Cute bunnies, sexy vampires, Harry Potter characters and ice princesses are always fun, and there is something about pretending to be someone or something else that is really empowering.

If you are shy and introverted, dress up as someone loud and exuberant and let yourself go! Life is for making memories, after all.


Cosplay is like fancy dress for serious nerds, and if you are a Game of Thrones fan, Star Wars addict, or video game connoisseur, then cosplay – a portmanteau of ‘costume play’ – is for you. Adherents will spend hours crafting their costumes and applying make-up so that you would be hard pressed to tell who the real character is and who is in costume!

Couples Dress-up

Dressing alike is one of those divisive things that couples can do, but it is possible to do it very subtly so only the really observant can tell. Matching jeans and T-shirts are all very well, but what about a bowtie and cummerbund to match her handbag and shoes?

This is an excellent and very understated way of demonstrating your closeness without the need for potentially embarrassing PDAs! Or you could try wearing identical color schemes? There are ways to dress like your partner without being over the top or twee – or you can throw caution to the winds and shamelessly dress in the same outfit exactly!

Formal Wear

Formal Wear

One of the problems with modern life is that we have nothing to dress up for any more. Sure, there are weddings, but those are once-in-a-lifetime events with clothing that is not usually reused! Balls, debutante seasons, and formal gatherings are something of an anachronism these days: and with them have gone formal ball-gowns, elbow-length gloves and sparkling tiaras for the ladies, and impeccable tuxedos for the men.

Create your own event by making date night a formal occasion, and insisting that everyone dresses up in their fanciest clothes – you could even add a few drops of True Pheromones oil onto your skin along with your perfume of choice to make yourself extra-appealing to your lucky date.

Seasonal Fun

Changing your wardrobe with the seasons can be a fun way to stay on top of the fashion world, and ensures that you are prepared for the grim grayness of fall, the icy sparkle of winter and ready to splash out into springtime freshness and sultry summer heat. Stay on top of the seasons, wardrobe-wise, and you will quickly earn a reputation as a trend-setter.

Copy a Celeb

If you feel that you have no fashion sense, or wish it was better, why not emulate your favorite celebs? Find garments that match celebrity outfits that you particularly admired, and then channel your inner diva to recreate the look.

Have a Theme

Heading out to celebrate a passed exam, an anniversary or a new engagement? Then get your guests all on board by asking them to dress in the same theme. Not only is this great bonding fun, but you will all be able to spot each other quickly in a nightclub or on the street. Hiring a limo or party bus is also a great way to bond the whole party. Check out Bergen limo party bus rental for more details.

Just Be You!

Instead of following the fashionistas, sometimes it can create a better look, and leave you more comfortable, if you use your own sense of style when it comes to choosing an outfit. Put together items that you love and your increased confidence will be enough to pull it off!