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Adventure Options in Beautiful Bali

Heavenly look, an air of spirituality and lively ambience make Bali a place that combines hedonistic pleasures with spirituality. Despite being highly frequented by tourists from around the world, this beach destination has still maintained its ethnic character. The sumptuously decked with turquoise beaches, overwhelming hills and cavernous paddy is a destination that every globetrotter love to explore. Charmed by its beatific beauty tourist often catch a business class flight to Bali that offers a rejuvenating holidaying experience to guests. In recent years the destination has emerged as a hot favourite among adventure enthusiasts.

Here we acquaint you with the major adventure options in Bali.

Enjoy an Elephant Safari

Besides being a popular beach destination, Bali is also a place popular with adventure enthusiasts. On your tours to Bali you will come across the flora and fauna of the region. One should explore this area on the back of an elephant.

Enjoy a Cruise Ride in Bali

Tourists visiting Bali should enjoy a cruise ride to see the beatific beauty of islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. The visitors can also enjoy a great beach and underwater experience in Bali. The adventurous souls can indulge in various activities that include diving and snorkelling among other things. One can find a number of cruises that takes you on an exhilarating journey.

Reward Yourself with White Water Rafting

English: White Water Rafting close to Jaco Bea...

White Water Rafting  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White Water (Photo: Wikipedia)

Besides other adventurous activities the destination called Bali offers a great white water rafting experience to the guests. The sport called white water rafting is exhilarating, enjoying and challenging at the same time. Most of the domestic and international tourists go for a white water rafting experience during their Bali visit. Ayung River Rafting is one of the most sought after places to enjoy a rafting experience. Bakas and Telaga waja River Rafting are ideal for those who want to test their guts.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

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Scuba diver. Found at Plongée sous-marine & obt’d Image:Plongeur bouteilles.jpg id’d there as (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scuba (Photo: Wikipedia)

Once you are through with the white water rafting, it is time to try your hands in another experiences that includes Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. Thousands of tourists on adrenalin rush enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkelling during their Bali tours. During your adventure you might come across the delicate marine ecosystem and several marine species that includes stingrays, sharks and mola mola.

Befriend a Dolphin

Referred as one of the most intelligent animal creatures Dolphins are one of the major attractions of your Bali tours. An interaction with these friendly creatures will be an enriching experience you will treasure for life. On you tour to Bali you will get an opportunity to see these aquatic creatures from a close distance.

Surfing in Bali

Surfing is one of the major draw cards that attract visitors towards Bali. The destination has several places where amateur and accomplished surfers can have fun.


The list of adventure options also includes trekking that include village trekking and mountain trekking. And you will enjoy these experiences to the fullest.

Apart from beach bums the destination called Bali also entertains adventure enthusiasts with its multiple offerings.

Author Bio:

Richard Stuart is a business professional by profession and nomad at heart who recently boarded a business class flight to Bali. After return he says that this beach destination is also rich in adventure options.

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