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Best Things To See And Do in Lake Huron

Tucked in the Easterly portion of Michigan, Lake Huron covers an area of more than 59,000 square kilometers and is known as one of the five Great Lakes in North America.

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It attracts a large number of tourists annually. They enjoy the beauty of the lake, the affordable Lake Huron vacation rentals, and a number of water activities.

While there are no precise estimates on the number of tourists, research shows that there can be thousands of visitors in some areas around the lake during weekends.

Here are some of the most adventurous things you can do after hiring a vehicle from Lake Huron vacation rentals while on the Sunrise Side of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Relive The History of Lake Huron With Shipwreck and Boat Tours

In the early days, Lake Huron was a hub for Native Americans, foreign missionaries and traders. It’s shores were brimming with lighthouses that helped the missionaries and traders to navigate the stormy waters of the lake.

Take a trip down memory lane and ride on Lake Huron’s Shipwreck tours to find historic remains of shipwrecks in the pristine waters of Thunder Bay. Usually, vacation rental packages offer tourists with a lovely cruise adventure of scenic lighthouses, majestic shorelines, and well-preserved shipwrecks.

Experience Lake Huron’s Underwater History Yourself With Snorkeling Activities

With a rich maritime heritage, snorkeling and diving in the Lake Huron region offers visitors a distinctive experience to explore decades of history preserved beneath the waves.

Go underwater and discover more than 200 shipwrecks lying in and around Thunder Bay. While the number of shipwrecks itself is relatively remarkable, their state of preservation gives them national and international importance, thereby providing them with due protection.

Almost every vacation rental plan in the place offers snorkeling and diving activities, but tourists should opt for rental homes that are already close to the lake in order to save money.

In most cases, rental vacation homes near the lake include these activities in their packages to attract more visitors.

Explore the History and Heritage of the Region at Museums and Parks

Other than water sports and adventures, museums and parks are also a great way to discover the rich history of Lake Huron.

Visit the two-story Bruce County Museum and find out the importance and changes brought by the pioneers of the land to the Ojibwe people. Bruce County Museum also offers an encyclopedic collection of artifacts and exhibits related to shipwrecks in the region.

Other than the museum, Pinery Provincial Park also has a rich history, housing the Old Ausable Channel, which connects Michigan to Lake Ontario.

Opting for vacation rentals near Pinery Provincial Park is recommended as there are wide sandy beaches and a range of trails winding through the dunes and wooded sections.

Kayaking and biking are also available at the visitors’ center of the Pinery Provincial Park. Cabins, campsites, yurts, and other kinds of vacation rentals are on tap for overnight stays. However, local tourist guides recommend booking in advance as spots fill out fast.