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Ahmed – Five Travel Questions

Today we have passionate traveller Ahmed Median answer our five travel questions. Read on to find out more about his experience surfing in San Sebastian.
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Why do you love travel?
My passion for travel has grown over time. It evolved from “oh man, I’ve got to be in New York at least once in my life” to “I need to come back to New York one more time again to fully experience this beautiful city and meet more people here.” My passion for travel is a form of resistance (or maybe denial) to the fact that I can’t travel (as) freely because of my nationality (I’m Tunisian) i.e. visa restrictions. My passion is more like a drive to travel more and go further away. I visited a third of Europe in one year alone.

Although I understand that I have to settle down at moments to work and afford to travel, I intend to travel every year. My humble travel experience (17 countries) has allowed me to open my eyes onto the world and learn about new countries I never thought about visiting three years prior. I met many interesting people on the road and made awesome friendships. I love the luxury of wandering around stress free and reflect on (my) life. Traveling has been a refreshing experience in my life and has helped me set few priorities in my life.

What destination is top of your bucket list?
Definitely South East Asia. For a long time, I was only interested in the USA mainly and Europe. Now that I feel more comfortable going to places I know very little about or where I don’t speak the local language, I definitely want to visit several destinations in South East Asia and Asia as a whole although the continent is very fast. My biggest con to traveling outside of Europe has been the single-country visa hurdles while I could travel through Europe with only one visa, but I’m willing to work this through. In fact, my next trip (outside of Europe) will include Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I’m thinking of adding Singapore, Malaysia and HK and extending the length of the trip. Australia and/or New Zealand are also on the back of my mind. And, London, maybe?

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?
This is a tough one. Paris is one the most beautiful cities I have been to. Perhaps, I’m biased because I’m North African. I started learning French since a very young age and I carry an admiration for Paris and France as a culture and lifestyle. Paris is more than an experience rather than a travel destination. Perhaps, the palaces and the mansions won’t be any more glamorous than similar palaces in London or any previous imperial city, but the city has a particular charm to it. The city offers so many activities and you can customize your own tours according to your own interests. I made my own Hausmann (or architecture revolution) tour and a public park (jardin) tour last month when I was in Paris. The food is amazing. The curious crowd is always there at any time of the year and in fact you never feel alone. Parisian streets are animated at any time of the day or night.

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
My bestest experience was surfing in San Sebastian (Donstia), Basque Country (Spain). Not only did I always want to go to the basque country because the name and the culture seemed already exotic enough. My first experience with surfing was totally the kind of experience I wouldn’t dare if not for the location and the situation. I was terrible at it of course and I gave up after trials. Zurriola beach is where people go to surf. You can rent a surfboard for 17€ for four hours. I was certainly ripped off. The food in San Sebastian is heavenly good. I must say that I only fed myself on pintxos during my stay. It’s more than enough.

What is your favourite photo from your travels?
I took some “good” photos during my travels in Europe, in the US and the Middle East. I’m honing my photography skills whenever I have the chance to. You can take a look at these on my instagram account (@deloutremer). I’ve started editing some of my photos to add some extra charm. This photo (port of San Sebastian) was shared by San Sebastian’s official tourism office account on Instagram.
San Sebastian (Donstia) Port
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