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Is The Alfa Romeo Museum Worth Visiting?

Alfa Romeo fans should put this at the top of their travel bucket list – a visit to the Alfa Romeo museum near Milan.

Take a trip through history as you explore innovative designs and technology which propelled the brand to becoming one of the biggest in the automotive industry.

Begin your journey from 1910-modern day, including race cars and concept cars (my personal favourite Alfa Romeo car on show is the Montreal).

Learn about the infamous two wars, performance cars and the rich racing history. The cars/works of art are not roped off, meaning you can get up close and personal and really study every detail.

There is a whole host of multimedia at your fingertips while you make your way through the timeline, including the cameos Alfa Romeos have made in films.

And ensure you leave enough time for the 4D cinema and driving experience, perfect for the whole family, not just the petrolheads and fanatics!

After visiting the Alfa Romeo museum, you may even think about buying a classic Alfa Romeo. Restoring a classic Alfa Romeo is easier than you think. You can find cheap spare parts for Alfa Romeos at for example.

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