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Amanda – Burger Abroad

Telling us all about their travels is Amanda from Burger Abroad. A full time traveller and animal enthusiast, she’s slowly making her way around the world by house sitting (great idea btw). Find out about the time she flew in a tiny plane over mountains and more in our Five Travel Questions!


Why do you love travel?
I love travel because it’s in my blood! My parents instilled the travel bug in me when I was young. I grew up going on road trips and on lots and lots of vacations all around North America and Central America. I fell in love with airports and hotels as a kid and still find them oddly relaxing.

I love everything about travel, the excitement, the adventure, and not knowing what’s going to be around every corner. I’ve always been a chronic nomad with a very serious allergy to monotony, so a life of travel suits me quite perfectly. More about my travels and places I’ve lived here.

What destination is top of your bucket list? 

The top of my bucket list is definitely Iceland. The beautiful and breathtaking scenery and landscapes just seem so dreamy. It seems like such a unique place with such vibrant colors all around. I definitely want to go spend some time there and soak it all in.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?
I’m sure this is the toughest question. There are so many place and parts of the world that I adore, especially New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest of North America. I really love the lush fecant greenery and fresh air.
But, I think my favorite place for traveling would probably be Mexico. I’ve traveled there so many times and always have the most pleasant experiences. To me, it’s an easy, safe and friendly place to travel and I appreciate that as a solo female traveler. You can read about my favorite Mexican town here.


What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
Oh, so many! When I think about favorite memories that are exciting to me, I always seem to remember the kindof crazy and/or scary things I’ve done. When I flew in a Cessna plane around the mountains and volcanoes in Oregon, I was so scared! Ascending up to 13,000 feet was terrifying in that little teeny tiny plane, but once I got the hang of it (and how to talk with the darn gigantic headset), I was having a blasty blast!
What is your favourite photo from your travels?
Aargh, these questions are killing me! haha!… 10 minutes later… Ok I’ve settled on one of my favorite shots taken along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. I chose it because I just really love looking at it. It invokes a great sense of calm and serenity. I feel like I can almost hear the waves. More about the PNW.

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