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Amazing Arizona’s Unmissable Road Trip Stops

With more than 144,000 miles of beautiful desert road, selecting where to stop on your Arizona road trip can be a difficult task. There is so much to see in this state alone that you’ll need years to view it all. At the top of most people’s lists is the Grand Canyon. At 277 miles in length, this will inevitably feature in your Arizona road adventure. However, which other places are worth visiting while you can? From historical American cities to unbeatable natural beauty, here are some of the must-see Arizona stop off points.


Picnic at Canyon de Chelly

In Arizona, don’t just take your lunch break at some roadside diner. You have the possibility to have lunch in one of the nation’s most picturesque location. Find a spot overlooking Spider Rock Spire, a 229 meter high sandstone pillar. You’ll be within a stone’s throw of the Four Corners monument and able to explore ancient Native American ruins. It is easy to find a quiet spot where you can be alone with your fellow travelers to enjoy a picnic like no other.

Drinking in Scottsdale

For when it’s time to rejoin civilization, there are few better places to spend the night than Scottsdale. Located just outside Phoenix, visit Old Town Scottsdale for an authentic cowboy experience in the Arizona desert. If you like to party, hit up a Scottsdale Nightclub for an unforgettable night out. Arizona isn’t all deserted wilderness, so visit the small cities for some Southern charm and great company.

Hike the Painted Desert

If you thought that all deserts were the same, Arizona will prove you wrong. The varied and vivid colors of the Painted Desert provide an experience like no other. If you really want to explore deep into the nature, then park up your vehicle and take to the desert by foot. There are plenty of hiking trails, which allow people of all abilities to explore this vast and beautiful landscape.

A road trip through Arizona is a captivating and varied adventure. The canyons stretch for hundreds of miles, offering solitude from civilization. Canyon de Chelly is filled with history to please any traveler. At the same time, feel free to venture into the cities to experience the bustling nightlife of Arizona towns. Between the nightclubs and the colorful deserts, there are endless unforgettable experiences for the American roadtripper.

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