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Today we have seasoned traveller Andy from The Travelling Times answer our Five Travel Questions. Find out more about this travels in New Zealand, Australia and more!

andy parsons

Why do you love travel?

When I was a teenager and there was some beautiful country come on the TV, my parents used to say ‘wow, look at that’ and I would reply ‘it’s a lake and some mountains, who cares?’ I was quite a heathen then and happy just to go on a week-long trip to Europe and just party with friends. Then I watched Billy Connolly’sWorld Tour of Australia when he travelled to Oz riding his Harley trike in the Outback and across Sydney Harbour Bridge and it just twigged – that’s the life! I then sacrificed everything to go to Australia and New Zealand for a year and everything changed. The people I met told me about amazing countries and experiences they have had. And that’s what travel is about; the people and the experiences. Also, it broadens your horizons and makes you more of a rounded person. The people you also meet on your travels you simply don’t meet at home. It’s enlightening.

What destination is top of your bucket list? (Country, city, etc wherever!)

Tough one. There’s a few for sure! Latin America, Brazil especially, has always been a place where I have been fascinated by. Yes, Rio looks amazing and that is a massive draw, but the northern coastal towns of Fortaleza and Salvador have a great vibe. There’s also the Amazon which would be amazing to experience. I remember interviewing Bespoke Brazil’s Simon Williams on an article for the Travelling Times and my desire for the country grew after speaking to him. Cuba too is somewhere which has always been of interest and the only place in the world my parents have been to and I haven’t – I’m genuinely jealous of that fact!

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to? (and why).
I am going to be cheeky here and name a few which I honestly can’t decide upon. The south island of New Zealand is an enchanting place and has the best scenery in the world. Queenstown, Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson, Milford Sound, Nelson, the train journey from Greymouth to Christchurch; just beautiful. My partner and I went to Vietnam and were blown away with how amazing it was. Check out my photo gallery for further evidence. Halong Bay and Hoi An were just amazing. I must also add Sri Lanka to this. I went ten months after the tsunami hit in 2004 and was just amazed how happy the locals were to see us. I was lucky enough to tour the whole country in a week and I have never experienced hospitality like it. The people there had so little, especially after what happened, but were just so happy to welcome you. It was humbling and will go back one day.

What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
One of the best days I have had on my travels was up on the north west coast of Western Australia. A couple of buddies who I had met in the hostel joined an organised tour. We got to the Coral Coast – close to the Ningaloo Reef – and went quad biking down the coast. To our left was the Indian Ocean and we stopped off and snorkelled in a few idyllic spots with a kaleidoscope of colours below with the marine life and then headed to Turquoise Bay – the best beach I have ever seen – and just chilled out and swam with manta rays. Just amazing. I allude to it a little here.

What is your favourite photo from your travels? (if you could attach the photo that would be great!)

I have quite a few and I do take pride in my photographs from my travels. But there’s two – one of Lake Bled in Slovenia in the winter, and another one from  Niagara Falls from a helicopter. I honestly can’t choose between them.


Follow Andy’s travels at The Travelling Times and Twitter @andypars and @travel_times_ap. More of my photos can be found on Flickr.

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